Friday, November 11, 2011

181 married couples, the mayor of Depok to Witness,Chinese swarm to marry on lucky 11/11/11

181 married couples, the mayor of Depok to Witness,Chinese swarm to marry on lucky 11/11/11

A total of 181 couples getting married today 11 November 2011, known as 11 11 11. They take advantage of the momentum which is considered as a good day.

To meramaikannya, Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Isma'il attended several weddings at once to witness the event.

"Indeed, the number of registrants for the wedding this month on average. In the month of Dhu al-Hijjah are people who registered to get married as many as 128 pairs, while the 59 pairs who had been married. In fact, the average per month there were 100 pairs of out-Hijjah," said Adin Rustianti Sofia, Section Kepenghuluan Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) Limo district, Depok City, Friday (11/11).

Marriage of residents in the area took place in places of worship and in their homes at 07:30 until 19:00 hours. A number of roads in residential use citizens for the establishment of a wedding tent.

Most of the others rent the building for a wedding. Meanwhile, the mayor of Depok Nur Mahmudi Isma'il became witness to the marriage of three pairs of people. The process of marriage took place at the Office of KUA Pancoran Mas, Depok.

Chinese couples huddled in a variety of civil registration office to get married on Friday (11.11.2011), because they believe the number 11-11-11 is the date most favorable in a century.

November 11th has been celebrated unofficially as the "single day" in China since the 1990s, because it consists of figures on a twin, and it is seen as a good day to get married and the single release. But this year is seen as a very special again for this year also ended with number 11.

More than 200 couples gathered in a registry office in central Shanghai, Friday morning, some even already lined up before the office door opened registration services to ensure they are among the first couples to marry. Li Xue hotel manager (26 years) initially planned to get married in February next year, but he was promoting his plan because of the special day November 11.

"We got married on a 'six figure 1'. We are no longer single on 'single day' once in a century," said the woman told AFP as he waited to get married.

The city of Shanghai alone recorded more than 3,300 couples have registered to get married on Friday, but the final number could be much much much more, because the record did not include people who arrive without registration, the spokeswoman said the civil affairs bureau told AFP.

Various other major cities in China reported similar wedding hoopla. In the city of Nanjing, east China, more than 3,000 couples have registered to get married on this day, 10 times more than average on a weekday, according to China's official Xinhua news agency. More than 1,300 couples have also put their names in a registry office to tie the knot in the city of Hangzhou, eastern China.

That day, though not officially recognized by the government, has become a source of commercial fortune. In place of the famous online shopping, Taobao Mall, which is managed by the Internet giant, Alibaba, the merchants give discounts up to 50 percent in honor of the day. Chinese media take advantage of events to examine the phenomenon called single women age 30-an (leftover women), usually female in her late 30s who can not or do not want to get married, when the opinion of a higher and greater opportunities led to some delays in weddings.

"Women have access to higher education and many have been given the opportunity to compete with men in employment," said Zhu Fuqiang, economics professor at Zhongshan University, told Xinhua. "They do not have to rely happiness and their domestic life in men," he said.

Chinese swarm to marry on lucky 11/11/11

Chinese couples flocked to registry offices to marry on Friday in the belief that the "11/11/11" date is the most auspicious in a century.

November 11 has been celebrated as an unofficial "singles' day" in China since the 1990s - as the date is composed of the number one - and it is seen as a good day to marry and leave the single life behind.

But this year is viewed as particularly special because the year also ends in the number 11.

More than 200 couples packed into a marriage registration office in downtown Shanghai on Friday morning, some having queued for hours before its doors opened to ensure they were among the first to marry.

Hotel manager Li Xue, 26, originally planned to marry in February next year, but she brought forward her plans because of the special day.

"We are getting married on the day of 'six ones'. We will no longer be single on the once-in-a-century singles' day," she told AFP as she waited for her turn to marry.

Shanghai alone had more than 3,300 couples who booked to marry on Friday, but the final tally could be higher as it does not include people who walk-in unannounced, a civil affairs bureau spokeswoman told AFP.

Other Chinese cities reported a similar mania for marriage.

In the eastern city of Nanjing, more than 3,000 couples planned to marry on Friday, ten times the usual daily average, the official Xinhua news agency said. More than 1,300 pairs will tie the knot in eastern Hangzhou city.

The day, though not officially acknowledged by the government, has become a commercial bonanza.

On the popular on-line shopping site Taobao Mall run by Internet giant Alibaba, merchants slashed prices by up to 50 percent in honour of the day.

Chinese media used the event to probe the phenomenon of so-called "leftover women", typically women in their 30s who are unable or unwilling to marry, as higher incomes and greater opportunities make some delay settling down.

"Women have access to higher education and many have been given the chance to compete with men in the workplace," Zhu Fuqiang, an economics professor at Zhongshan University, told Xinhua.

"They do not need to attach their livelihoods and happiness to men," he said.

THOUSANDS of couples across Asia swamped marriage registries and held mass weddings today, believing that the quirk of the calendar makes 11/11/11 the most auspicious date in a century.

In China, the world's most populous country, registries were packed with couples wanting to wed on the date that has been recognised as an unofficial "singles' day" since the 1990s because it is made up entirely of the number one.

"We are getting married on the day of 'six ones'. We will no longer be single on the once-in-a-century singles' day," said Shanghai hotel manager Li Xue, 26, who brought forward her wedding plans after realising the date's significance.

Traditionally seen in China as a good day to marry and leave the single life behind, this year's November 11 is viewed as particularly special because the year also ends in the number 11.

In the commercial capital Shanghai alone, nearly 5000 couples got married, while in the eastern Chinese city of Jining, 68 couples tied the knot together at a mass wedding.

In Vietnam, 80 couples planned to get hitched at a mass wedding to be held in Ho Chi Minh city - the largest ever for the country's commercial capital.

One of Hong Kong's leading feng shui masters, Mak Ling Ling, said November 11 was a good day for marriages, but that it was also auspicious for other new beginnings, such as moving house and groundbreaking ceremonies.

"It's a good day from a Chinese geomancy perspective, not just because of the numbers 11/11/11 which signify eternal love," said Mak, an author and television personality.

Some people also believe the date is lucky because if you add the numbers in the date - six times one plus 2 - the total is eight, traditionally a lucky number because it sounds like part of the Chinese phrase for "get rich".

"We Chinese people do believe in numbers. It may be superstitious but I think it's great to have your favourite numbers on your most important day," said He Ying, who was also marrying in Shanghai today.

In South Korea, hospital officials moved to debunk reports that the number of women seeking Caesarian operations on the day had jumped as mothers sought to give their children that special birth date.

But in Singapore, whose population is dominated by ethnic Chinese, the Registry of Marriages predicted a high turnout, with 574 bookings for the day - five times the typical number.

Wedding planners said the date was an extremely popular one for couples wanting to get hitched in the island nation, but November 20 this year will even be bigger, since 20/11/2011 is an exact repetition of the numbers.

"We did have, definitely, significantly more inquiries for this date," said Clarice Hee of wedding planner firm Eternally Yours, but she added the number would be eclipsed by November 20.

Australians usually mark November 11 as Remembrance Day, with ceremonies for the nation's war dead, but this year there was a spike in weddings.

"I had a lot of interest for the eleventh of the eleventh of the eleventh. Clients were specific, they even wanted to be saying their vows at 11 minutes past 11," Queensland-based wedding celebrant Renee Wilkins said.

However, Hong Kong feng shui master Mak warned that marrying on the lucky date would not necessarily guarantee happiness.

"It's a good start, definitely, but whether or not they will end up in divorce, it depends on how the couples maintain their marriage," she said.

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