Friday, November 11, 2011

Only 2 Days, 200 Catholic Women convert to Islam

Only 2 Days, 200 Catholic Women convert to Islam

Corinno Ordonez is not a Muslim. He was devout Catholic. Over the years, he harbored a question mark about why Muslim women wear the hijab. "What's it like?" he said.
Shoots be loved side dish arrived. He accepted the challenge of Muslim student organizations at California State University San Bernardino to wear the hijab. This is their program to better introduce Islam and improving mutual understanding among religious believers.
"Once I saw them and I'm wondering how others see them and they judge them. Things like that make me want to try it," he said, as reported. Huffington Post

Exactly, this reason is behind the idea of ​​Muslim Students Association held a program "Take the Hijab Challenge". Pelalui this program, the student at California State University San Bernardino challenged to wear a hijab, and thereafter is expected to change attitudes. "In this way, misunderstandings will we wiped out," said Naheed Sahak.
She said many women in this country, who wore a headscarf, get a negative response and even hostile reactions.
Though the veil, he said, commanded in Islam one of them for modesty. "You know, in the 21st century these girls think beauty is all about showing your body," said Sahak.
Critics claim that the hijab is a form of oppression, that women are considered to be subject to men, because they have to cover herself while men do not.
Back to Ordonez, he said that he spent about an hour to straighten her scarf. But he does not mind covering it to take the challenge. He joined more than 200 women for two days.
Ordonez wear it around campus, ranging from lectures, meet friends, eat at the cafeteria, to the library.
"Most of the reactions I get are people trying to not look at me. If they looked at me like that an 'incident', and they will immediately look down," he said.
Thursday night (today GMT) Muslim Student Association plans to display their videos that take the challenge and what reaction they get, followed by a question and answer session.

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