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Advertising Law: An Overview of Sharia

Advertising Law: An Overview of Sharia
Ad said, comes from the Arabic, namely i'lan, which means the notice. In business science, the meaning of advertising is, an activity performed by the manufacturer, either directly or indirectly, to introduce its products to the public (consumers) through a variety of media.

The goal, namely to add or increase demand for its products.Because some forms of advertising include a gift with a variety of forms, so it's good to know also the definition of gifts. In Arabic, called ja'izah gift or jawa'iz, which means gift.

As for the meaning of a gift in this discussion, which is a gift from the producer to the consumer, whose shape in accordance with the will of the manufacturer, either in the form of goods or services, either directly or through a competition, quiz, raffle, etc., either free or with certain conditions, as a means of promoting the product. In addition, to complement the understanding of this problem, first also keep in mind the definition maysir, qimar, and gharar. These issues will be a lot of contact with the law about advertising.

Using Promotional Gifts
At the present time, to increase product sales, the producers make an offer by the lure of prize. Shades of this promotion we can get on the market, with various types and tricks.
Jurisprudence own review addressing the promotion with the lure of reward is very detailed. Because behind the splendor of the various types of "gifts", it turns out covert guile and gambling. In connection with the prize, can be viewed from two perspectives.To get involved in a sweepstakes prize or is, required to purchase certain products. Gift, not all consumers can get it.

In other words, there is a prize and some are not. The way promotions with prizes like this are not allowed or forbidden. The reason, in which an element maysir and qimar. Because, every consumer has to pay, but did not get certainty in terms of getting the prize. Namely, it is not known who will get a prize and who is not. From this side also contains elements of gharar.

All of these methods Gifts Getting rid of uncertainty and jahalah (not known who will get the prize). So, if all consumers get a gift, then this type of promotion like this is allowed, because it does not belong to the maysir or qimar. These include gifts such as a discount, or as a free gift (or gifts in Arabic).

Rule Regarding Advertising And Gifts In Promotion
Rules about advertising, such as: Does not conflict with the purpose of human creation itself, which is to worship only Allah Ta'ala. On the other hand, the ad also must be able to provide value, that which is God a favor.

Thus, in addition to consumers interested in buying the product, also not forgetting thanks to God. Similarly, these ads do not conflict with a good disposition, that disposition which is in line with the norms of the right religion. Products (goods or services) that is advertised is permissible products. It is forbidden to advertise a forbidden religion. For example liquor, and so on.Products advertised can actually owned.

In a sense, but affordable in terms of price, too affordable in terms of ownership, or be transferable. In this case, are not allowed to advertise something that is not affordable and not be owned. Because, in a sale and purchase of any goods required and can be transferred or possessed. An advertisement may not contain lies or deception. For example, describe the product does not fit reality, both physically, in terms of benefits and terms of efficacy, and so on.

Promotion In Form Cards
which meant discount card, the card issued by a particular party (producer or not, one or more co-operation with several parties) granted to certain customers as evidence to obtain special services, for example, get a discount and so forth. This type of card are manifold. In Saudi Arabia, there are many types of discount cards. Responding to this, Al-Lajnatud Da'imatu lil Buhutsil Ilmiyyahti wal Ifta has issued a fatwa by the number 12,429, dated 1/12/1409H as follows.

Behold, the use of discount cards like this are not allowed with the following considerations. When consumers have to pay a 150 Saudi Riyal (for example) to the card with no reciprocity; act like this is a form of eating someone else's property is vanity, and very clearly forbidden by the laws of Allah Ta'ala. "Which means: And do you eat most of the property of others among you with the way the vanity, and (do) you take (business) property to the judge so that you can take some of the other person's property with the (street do) sin , while you know "

Visa Credit Cards
How to use this card is as follows: Cardholders can use this card to withdraw and (loan) it wants from any bank branch, and he must repay the loan during the period which should not exceed 45 days.
If he has not paid the funds (loans), which he pulled during the period mentioned above, then the bank will charge every 100 riyals from the loan fund loans drawn from the interest rate whose value is 1.95 (1 riyal, 95 halalah) as the bank will take any cash withdrawals for cardholders 3.5 riyals from 100 riyals each taken from the bank.

Or they will take a minimum of 45 riyals as the boundary of each cash withdrawal process. In addition, cardholders can also buy various items from the shopping places that are already working with the bank, without having to pay cash.

Credit card
There are cards issued to provide ease in financial activity in western countries, where one does not need to carry cash. With this card he can buy whatever he wants.

Then at each end of the month, he will get an invoice which explains some of the funds that have been dibelanjakannya. Then he would pay everything without the slightest interest usury. This program provides protection for anyone from stealing his property.
But there is a requirement to take this card, ie if there is any delay in paying the bills for a period of more than 25 days, then they (the organizers) are entitled to take usurious interest rates of each day of delay. Is it permissible to take a card like this?

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