Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Increasing Number of Students, Islamic Teacher shortageFinland

The Increasing Number of Students, Islamic Teacher shortageFinland

  The number of students who embraced Islam was comparablewith the number of teachers in Finland. Board of Education saysprimary school teachers in Finland experienced drawback to the Islamic religion.

Council estimates that in the years to come, there will be moreMuslims than students Orthodox students. From year to year, the number of Muslim students increased by about one percent.

Now, the teacher teaching the religion of Islam is taken from the University Helsinski. Arto Kallioniemi, professor of religiouspedagogy said many teachers today have immigrant backgrounds. But recently many of the teachers is a new Finnish women who embraced Islam.

In elementary school in Helsinki, About a eight percent studentstake religion classes. In Helsinski, the number of Muslim studentseven two times more than the Orthodox students.

Kallioniemi said in 2020 predicted Muslim students nearly a quarter of the total. Most of them probably came from immigrants.But now more and more Russians are also people who live thereconverted to Islam.

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