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Our material to Become Winners

Our material to Become Winners
By Dr. Ilyas Ismail A

In the new era now, life feels increasingly harsh and competitive in almost every area of ​​life. This fact requires us to enhance the capacity and capability in order to exist, survive, and in a very tight competition that we have a winner (winner yet), not a loser (loser).
Mental as winners, according to Sayyid Qutb, should be the nature and character of the Muslims. Strong faith, tireless struggle (jihad), time-tested, and a steely patience (wa shabrun tsabat), accompanied by a total submission to God alone (tawakkulun wa ila Allahi tawajjuhun Wahdah), a road victory taught by Islam. (Ma `alim fi al-Tariq, 1978).
In the Qur'an, Muslims are reminded to have a mental readiness as the winner, having self-confidence (self confidence) is high, and should not maintain the attitude of grievances (blaming) let alone the inferiority syndrome. "Do not be weak and do not be (too) ye grieve. In fact, you're the people who are the highest (rank) if ye are believers. (Surah Ali Imran [3]: 139).
To be a winner, in addition to having knowledge (knowledge) and high skills (skillful), we need to equip themselves with four other forces. First, vision or ideals are high (Himma aliyah). Be aware that the man only by his vision, no more than that. Vision is a strength, because according to the scholars of vision can break down the barriers of the mountain once did (himmat al-Rijal al-jibal tahdim).
Second, a strong belief (strong believe) that what he aspired to become a reality. Confidence is also important, because people who do not believe he could not go any further. Conviction (conviction) is different from preferences (favorite). Preference negotiable (negotiable), whereas no confidence. For the warriors of Islam, the belief here include the belief in the promise of victory and help from God. "O ye believers, if you help (religion of) Allah, He will help and strengthen kedudukanmu." (Surah Muhammad [47]: 7).
Third, the courage (syaja `ah) in achieving goals (victory).Courage, said al-Ghazali, including one of the virtues (Fadilah), which became the base of the goodness and victory. There's no success without courage, both in matter of religion and the world.The success belongs only to those who dare. Namely, the courage to make decisions and defend and preserve what is believed to be the truth at whatever cost. (Surah al-Maidah [5]: 54).
Fourth, mental and character of the winner. One of the winning character actor or a player is a player (fa `il) instead of the audience let alone the only object of spectacle (maf` ul).Therefore, only pemainlah most likely be the winner. Thus, the Qur'an commands us to compete (Surah al-Baqarah [2]: 148), be professional, charity and Itqan (Surat an-Naml [27]: 88), life and death as the best, and the best (al -Mulk [67]: 2), are all learning that we have the mental and character as the winner. Wallahu a `lam. (Republika)

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