Saturday, November 12, 2011

This strategy Satanic guile:

This strategy Satanic guile:

1. Aljahlu, seduced lazy to learn Quran and As Sunnahdivertedto enjoy learning more, Satan fought lest we study / sitting in themajlis scienceclose to the same pious people,

2. Addo'fuif they have learned and knowdo not be temptedagain to the schools let alone to live them,

3. Alkasluwhen it's ideologydo not be tempted again topractice it,

4. Ahyananwhen I practice it, do not be tempted again to truly let alone istiqomah,

5. Ananiyyanwhen it istiqomahdo not be tempted again tomendakwahkannya,

6. Aststudawhen it mendakwahkannyado not be tempted againto sincerity,

7. Assu'uwhen it's sinceredo not be tempted again to deathHusnul khotimahSoas long as people liveas long as itcontinues to breathe tempted death(Surah 7: 16-17).

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