Monday, November 21, 2011

Singapore soldiers insulted Islam: 'Islam is not religion but the Doctrine of Authoritarian Politics'

Singapore soldiers insulted Islam'Islam is not religion but the Doctrine of Authoritarian Politics'

Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEFtake seriously the actions of a member of the soldiers who insulted Islam in his Facebook pageMINDEF statement is a response to media questions regarding the report of a member of the NSF (National Service in Singaporewho publishes a statement insulting Islam in the old Facebook.

"We take seriously our member's behavior in the public domain,''said MINDEF as reported by CNA.

Members were known named Christian Eliab RatnamHebroadcast images of the text says 'Islam is not a religion but an authoritarian political doctrines inculcated by force.'

Ratnam also support the struggle of Israel and JewsIt is seenfrom the drawings of flags and symbols of Israel Defense Armyon his Facebook accountIn addition, he also became a member of the people of Israel and Jewish supporters in Singapore.

His actions also frowned upon by the people of Singapore.Ratnam's Facebook account was shut down.

One senior MINDEFColonel Desmond Tanmention of the caseis ongoingMINDEF will assist the examination process and take reasonable measures.

A former member of the Youth wing of the People's Action Party(PAP), Jason Neopreviously also checked for insulting theMalay children who was riding the school busHe throws insultsalso through Facebook.

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