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Invalidate the Islamic

Invalidate the Islamic

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Imam ash-Syaukani (Muhammad ibn 'Ali al-Syaukani, live years1173-1250 Hrahimahullah said"judge a Muslim out of Islam and kufr are not worthy entry in done by a Muslim who believes in Allah and the Last daybut with evidence and testimony that is very clear-clearer than the brightness of sunlight during the day.For indeed there has been a saheeh ahaadeeth narrated fromsome friendthat if someone says to his brother'unbelievers,'then (saying that) will come back to one of the two. And on theother lafazh Shahiihul Shahiih Bukhari and Muslim, and besidesthe two mentioned'Anyone who calls someone with Kufror sayan enemy of God when he is not the case then it will come backto him.' Hadiths indicate the magnitude of the threat and the advice is great, that we should not rush the matter accusingothers infidels"Invalidate the Islamic mentioned above is ageneral lawThus, it is not permissible for a man hasty in determining that the person who did it right out of IslamAsShaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah may Allaah have mercy said:"Verily call others infidels in general similar to threats in general.Mandatory for us to cling to the absoluteness and generality.

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