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Do not rude and be polite at the House of God

Do not  rude and be polite at the House of God

By Abubakar Kasim *
Two teenagers traveling miles and away to Toronto to attend Friday prayers. It was their first time attending Muslim.
They hope to gain valuable experience a memorable and long remembered. But not everything goes exactly according to his will and a bad experience once they enter the mosque.
A man said with a loud tone to them for dressing like a naughty girl. He said the two teenagers was that they were not to the mosque but a night club.
Two teenage Muslim converts had left the mosque cried. They were shocked and in disbelief and after it promised not to enter the mosque again.
It was a very unfortunate story in places of worship of people acting only on his own views. They drive around and see the ugliness of others and spoke with a rough way.
Arrogant attitudes to forget not see any flaws yourself. People start judging people as their God who represents the world.
Sometimes even common, when amid the prayers, they looked around to see who does not worship properly. They did not use polite when talking with people.
Participate and perform what is good and forbid what is good and leave it an important principle in Islam. In fact, it is recommended as well as the criteria to be the best people.
Word of Almighty God is very clear, "You are the best people are born to mansusia, sent on a ma'ruf and prevent it from being evil," (Surah Al 'Imran: 110)
However, this task is not as simple as people might think. Really requiring knowledge, science, wisdom and even high-level communications capabilities extraordinary.
Someone who might make mistakes when prayer can be a convert to Islam who are struggling to learn the basics of Islam, or a visitor who was attracted to Islam.
Another sad story, a convert to Islam recently told my wife. His son is not an ordinary Muslims accompanied him to the Islamic Center. But now he could not do anymore.
Every time he followed his mother into the mosque, she encounters people being rude to him why he was not a Muslim, what is he waiting for.
Even when the fetch his mother, he waited outside in order to avoid rough treatment and humiliation. It's important to have special qualities and communication skills when it comes to others.
The Apostle also gives a direct warning about the importance of being loving toward others. People who feel comfortable to come closer to him and then willing to hear spoken. When the apostle uses harsh words, they would have been long away from him and a few were willing to hear his speech.
Someone really should not be rude and loud when someone else confirms. The focus of the weaknesses is the first and foremost.
The Qur'an also emphasizes the importance of approaching people with a good ways. "Call upon (all men) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and lessons with a fine and bantahlah them in a good way (Surat an-Nahl: 125)
When dealing with problems that require special attention, no shoes of a Muslim using his own worldview and act like police officers to men.
The mosque is not the place like a forest. When someone has a problem in the supermarket just for example, they can be safely and not be afraid to talk to authorities. Often the authorities to answer them kindly.
The approach in the mosque should certainly better than at the supermarket. There were priests and takmir mosque that can be questioned without having to cause feelings of anxiety.
The mosque should be a place to obtain peace, creating peace in oneself and make peace with it others.
Someone who came to the mosque actually has made a great sacrifice, to leave everything for the sake of worship in the temple of God with a peaceful mental state. These people deserve support and respect, not rough and tough attitude.
If someone made a mistake, certainly very different results when we see kesalahanan it belonged to a brother who need to be warned gently instead of acting like a supervisor or the police.
The atmosphere inside the mosque is not something that makes people reluctant to sting approaching. For that everyone should jointly maintain the atmosphere so that when someone comes up with good wishes, or even in grief and sorrow, he could feel the relief and peace that can not be found anywhere except in the house of God. (Republika)

* The author is a Canadian freelance writer who divides his personal experience

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