Monday, November 14, 2011

Aceh host the International Sufi Festival, India, France, Iran, Malaysia joined the Festival

Aceh host the International Sufi Festival, India, France, Iran, Malaysia joined the Festival

Five countries will certainly appear in the international Sufi music festival in Blang Padang Field, Banda Aceh, 18-19 November 2011. International Sufi Music festival drafter, Lani, said the five countries namely, India, France, Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia.
International Sufi festival, he said, the new premier was held in the provinces of Aceh and the plan will be attended by officials of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Governor of Aceh.
"Along with the dynamic development of civilization and Islamic civilization in Aceh so one way to build a DI done through cultural approach to art, especially music, especially on Islamic Aceh had a good trip," he said.
In Aceh, the word Lani, many scholars in the past conduct propaganda through the world of art and beauty, such as Malik al-Salih (King of the kingdom Pasee), Hamzah Abdul Rauf Fanshuri and Syech Assingkily. "Now, the art world has become the everyday people of Aceh because it is able to motivate, establish communication and beautify the contemplation to the Creator," said Lani.
In addition, Lani said, this international Sufi music festival to promote tourism in Indonesia's westernmost region. It is relevant to the launching of an Islamic cultural tourism which is being promoted by the Government of the city of Banda Aceh, he added.
"This event indicates that Aceh is a region worth visiting by all guests both foreign and domestic tourists. It also became an effort to promote the arts and culture of Aceh to the international world," says Lani.
He hoped the international Sufi festival has become a valuable capital for Aceh to inform that the province is conveniently visited and held an international stage.
Ayi Sarjev show manager revealed, the opening of the international festival Sufi They'll be preceded by a cultural community collaboration and Rapai Rapai meusuhu pasee Aceh.

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