Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Strengthen ACIS in Islamic Indonesia

Strengthen ACIS in Islamic Indonesia

  Annual Conference forums Islamic Studies (ACIS) has enteredthe implementation to-11. Much has been achieved mainly in the development of studies and Islamic studies. Looking ahead,ACIS is directed to continue to play a role in building the peopleand nation.

Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Science and TechnologyUIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Prof. Dr. Akh Minhadji admittedhappy with the progress of Islamic studies at a number of Islamicuniversities. He even refers to what has gone before is able to reflect expectations.

One that should be appreciated, he continued, ie more incentive to scholars conducting research field related to the condition of Muslims in Indonesia. This is an interesting change, givenprevious research more directed towards the study of texts, norms, or values​​.

But now is different, the reality of society that shot. Color andcontext of Islamic studies also increasingly diverse and extensive.When speaking of the Indonesian Islamic community, hecontinued, it can not be separated from the traditions that exist ineach community.

''What to do with Islam, so this is what had been the object of research,''said Minhadji, some time ago. A number of researchand then presented during the forum to the ACIS-11 in Louth.

From his view, the results of such research is essential in order toprovide an overview regarding the relationship between localtraditions and Islamic teachings. According Minhadji that at the meeting this time acting as ACIS / convener / (pengampu expert), it is not possible without berislam accommodate reality, in thisearlier tradition.

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