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Hajj law Prayer For People Who Then Leave; Important Message And Testament For Hajj And Umrah Jamat

Hajj law Prayer For People Who Then Leave; Important Message And Testament For Hajj And Umrah Jamat

In the first half of Ramadan, I fasted in their own country, when I was traveling fast, and pray for 15 days, while in the foreign country. I say that they are a nation that used to doing things that are unclean, and I may not use their needs, and I also do not know the direction of Qibla. I also do not eat and drink what they ate and they drank. My question, if I left the prayer and fasting because it affects the pilgrimage which I have carried out several years ago? And if there is no law or order kifarat my sins forgiven by God? Please explain, may Allah bestow blessings to you.
Haji Law No Prayer For All People, People Meinggal Not Allowed No Prayer Replaced Hajj

Whoever Hajj and he left the prayer, if he left because he reneged on obligatory prayer Kufr with ijma scholars. Because of that Hajj is not valid for him. Adapaun people who left the prayer because it underestimated in this case there is a difference of opinion among scholars. Some scholars say, that the pilgrim people is legitimate. But some other scholars argue that the Hajj is not valid. And the second pedapat this is correct. Because the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said. "The agreement between us and them is prayer. So who's left the prayer he indeed infidels". The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said."Between a man with disbelief and polytheism the prayer"
Women Want But Hajj is prohibited by her husband, Haji Law For Women What Not Allowed of her husband

Because the Hajj must be carried out immediately if in compliance with the terms. And because women requester has memenuhih requirement for acquiring the ability and the mahram, then he must immediately hajj and her husband forbade forbidden without reason. This means that women requester may hajj with her sister even though her husband does not agree. For the pilgrimage as an individual obligation like prayer and fasting, and God more mainstream right to take precedence, while the husband has no right to prohibit his wife from carrying out obligations of Hajj for no reason. The husband should not forbid his wife who wanted to perform hajj obligatory if it has fulfilled the terms of the obligation and have easy perform Haj pilgrimage.For the hajj as a liability that must be implemented and should not be delayed if it has had the ability. But husband and wife Sunnah to ask permission for it.
Having no mahram woman companion Hadji, Women Going Without Himself Haji mahram

Women who do not have a mahram to accompany the pilgrims then he is not obligatory Hajj. Because mahram for a woman is a form of ability to perform the hajj journey. While the ability to travel is a requirement in the hajj. And women who are not with mahram, then Hajj is not obligatory upon him. Sometimes hajj obligations fall away because of lack of ability to get to Mecca and the lack of ability is the reason syar'i, and sometimes he is not obliged to carry it out. That is, if he dies, then the Hajj can be replaced by their heirs. I want to say to the questioner, that women are not innocent if not for the absence of mahram the pilgrimage. And so it did not harm him. Because he diamaafkan because of lack of ability in syar'i review.
Meaning Rafats, Wicked And Jidal In Hajj, Benefits Leaving Rafats And All Maksiat In Hajj

Ulema interpret that rafats is engaging in vaginal intercourse and the things that lead to him. While the wicked are all immoral acts.As for the scholars interpret jidal with the debate on matters that are not useful, or in things that have been described by Allah to His servants. And included in the debate that is prohibited is any debate that cause noise, harm to others or reduce tranquility. Or that the prohibited intended debate is a debate that calls for sleaze and obscure the truth. While the debate in a good way to explain the truth as truth and falsehood as falsehood is a debate that is justified in Islamic law and not including arguments that are prohibited when the pilgrimage.
Held Soon Mandatory Haji, Haji Mandatory Requirements, Liability-Liability In Hajj

Imam Shafi'i argues that the obligation of Hajj should not be done immediately. Because the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam mengakhirkan pilgrimage until the 13h. However their opinions Imam Shafi'i is answered, that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam did not mengakhirkan hajj but only in one year because he wanted to clean up the House of idolaters and Hajj naked people as well as from all forms of heresy. So when the House has been sacred from the things that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam Hajj the following year. On this basis, the pilgrim must be done because of fear of death came so that people who have been obliged to perform Hajj and does not immediately include those who careless because delaying the obligation that has been able to do.

Brief Briefing For Hajj And Umrah Pilgrims

To immediately repent to Allah with His true of all sin, and choose the property that kosher for pilgrimage and umrahnya. In order to keep his tongue from lies, gossip, pitting and insult others. In performing Hajj and umrahnya, should intend to get the divine good pleasure and reward of the Hereafter, far from feeling like to be seen, like the famous and proud of myself. Let studied deeds-deeds that prescribed in the Hajj and Umrah, and ask the things that are less clear to him. Someone who berihram, if he was worried pilgrimage can not continue due to illness, or an enemy, or because of other reasons, it is required when berihram saying: "Inna mahallii haistuu habastanii" means: Place tahallulku is stuck in my place ".
Some Mistakes Do The Most Hajj pilgrims

Some errors in Ihram: Passing miqat from its place without berihram of miqat, thus arrived at Jeddah or elsewhere in the region miqat, then perform the ihram of the place. This violates the command Apostle sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam which requires each of the pilgrims to berihram miqat its path. So for those who do so, to return to miqat its path before, and berihram of miqat it if it's possible. If not possible, then he shall ransom sacrifice by slaughtering animals in Mecca and gave the whole to the people destitute. The provision is applicable for coming by air, land or sea. If it does not cross any of the five miqat who already understand it, then he can berihram of miqat place parallel to the first in its path.
How do you carry out Hajj Umrah, Liability The Pilgrimage Berihram And How To Mosque Apostle

If someone who was dressed in a seamless berihram, or cover his head, or use the fragrances, or revoke his hair, or cut his nails, because forgetting or not knowing the laws, and he was not charged fidyah. And should immediately terminate the deeds he had when he remembers or know the law. For those who are berihram, should wear sandals, rings, glasses, hearing aids (headphones), watches, belts and belts are usually pouched to save money and letters. And may also change clothes and wash them ihram, and bathe and wash his head. Because if there was a shower and wash hair is falling out unintentionally, then he did not wear anything, so like when he was hit by injuries.
How do you Perform Hajj & Umrah pilgrimage to the mosque Apostle sallallaahu alayhe Wa Sallam

Haji Tammatu 'is berihram for Umrah in the months of Hajj (Shawwal, Dhul Qa'dah and the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah), and completed umrahnya at those times. Then berihram for Hajj from Mecca or nearby on the day Tarwiyah (8th Dhul Hijjah) in umrahnya tersebut.Haji Qiran is, berihram for umrah and hajj once, and continue berihram (not Tahallul) except on the day of Nahr (10th Dhul Hijjah) Or berihram for Umrah first and then before doing tawaf intention to enter Umrah pilgrimage. Haji Ifrad is, berihram for Hajj from miqat, or from Mecca for Mecca residents, or from elsewhere in the region miqat for living there, and then remain in a state of Nahr ihramnya until the day when he brought the animal sacrifice.
Important Message And Testament For Hajj And Umrah Jamat
Remember, that you all are blessed in the journey, the journey towards the Divine with berpijakkan Tawhid and sincerity to Him, and fill the coffers of his will and obey His commandments.Because most large charity no reward apart from the deeds carried out on that basis. And pilgrims who Mabrur that reward is heaven. Ask the person knowledgeable about the problems of religion and the pilgrimage that is less obvious to you, so you understand. Because God has said: "It means: So ask you to someone who is knowledgeable if you do not know". And the Apostle had already said: "It means: Whoever that God really wants in karuniai goodness, then he certainly gave understanding  in religion".

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