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The emergence of Khawarij

The emergence of Khawarij
Among these slanders is happening is the rise of the Kharijites (the rebellious) to 'Ali Allaah anhu. Initial appearance is after the end of Siffin war and the agreement between Iraq and Sham residents to raise a peacemaker between the two groups.

Along the way the return of 'Ali to Kufa Allaah, the Kharijites broke away from him, whereas before they were with his army, and they stopped at a place called Harura', their number reached 8000 people, some are saying 16 000 people, then 'Ali sent Ibn 'Abbas anhuma Allaah to them.
So Ibn 'Abbas to dialogue with them, so most of them come back and join the group to obey' Ali. Khawaarij spread the rumor that 'Ali was repenting of legal decisions. That's why some of them back from obedience (to defect), then 'Ali berkhutbah in front of them in the mosque of Kufa, and the people at the mosque shouting, saying, "No law except the law of God," and they say, "You have partners with Allah, make the people as the foundation of law and not make the Qur'aan as a legal basis. "

The next 'Ali Allaah anhu said to them, "You have three right over us: we do not forbid you to go into the mosques, nor hold you to get good luck in the form of war booty (fai'), and we will not begin to fight you as long as you do not do any damage. "
Slanderous words that Al-Qur-an is a creature. Behavior follow-People Older People

Then came the day after that slander 'Abasiyyah, that is slander saying that al-Qur-an is a creature. The speech was held by the Caliph 'Abbasid, al-Ma', however, and he defended this saying.This was followed by a group of schools is also Mu'tazilah provoking Jahmiyyah caliph to believe, that the scholars of Islam were tested with it.
With libel because it is also the Muslims a great calamity. It has occupied them in a very long period, coupled with many other beliefs that go into the 'Aqeedah of the Muslims.
Thus, these slanders that happens very much, do not count, and always popping up, also continues to grow.

With this slander because slander others, the Muslim-broken to split into bergolong-groups, each group called for others to follow him, claiming that it was he who was on the right path, and the other is above baatil.

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam as a guide and giver of glad tidings عليه الصلاة والسلام has preached the existence of this disunity as people had previously been broken to pieces.

Described in the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah Allaah anhu, he said, "The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:' The Jews were broken to pieces into seventy one or seventy two sects, the Christians and broken to pieces into seventy one or seventy-two groups, while my people will be broken to pieces and seventy-three groups. '"
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