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Maal Hijrah: Injection for the Supreme People

Maal Hijrah: Injection for the Supreme People

By: Assoc. Prof Dr. Ab. Aziz Mohd. ZinWriters panel JAKIM
At the beginning of the seventh century AD, the world community is at the door of the ruin. Century world power, which consists of the Government of the Roman Empire (509SM-453M) and the Government of the Empire of Persia (700SM-641M) has fallen sharply as a result of power struggle and discord here and there.

The Arabs who inhabit the Arabian Peninsula facing the worst fallout from the collapse of morality and the nature of the tribe and tribal fanaticism.

World in danger because of the unstable due to the loss of community beliefs and moral pillars. God is Just and Merciful as not to allow human societies to collapse and destroyed. Allah sent a last messenger of His Prophet Muhammad

In that event, retrospective, Allah explains in his word, which means:"And hold fast to the Rope of Allah (Islam) and be not disunited, and remember the favor of Allah upon you against each other (during pagan past) He made friendship between your hearts (to you together with the blessings of Islam), then you would be with the grace of Allah that the Muslims are brothers. You were on the brink of an abyss of fire (because of sin) and He saved you from it (through Islam). Thus does Allah make clear to you the Signs of His guidance so that you get him '(Ali 'Imran: 103)

These other verses explain that the human condition as nearly perish and will receive more negative consequences in the hereafter have been saved through the dispatch messengers to guide them on the way and eventually they survived. In order to change society so as to be safe, the Messenger of struggling to sacrifice all that is and this was followed by his Companions faithful. In the past 23 years, the effort put in by him and finally achieve the goal of successful change and save the world from destruction and damage.
In a hadith narrated by Muslim, the Prophet makes the comparison of its meaning:'Between you and me thought of as a man who lit the fire. So the birds and small animals that fly and fell into it, while the man was trying to keep things from falling into it. I firmly hold your waistband so as not to fall into the fire, while you escape from the principle. 'This hadith describes the human condition that leads to destruction, while they do not know. While the Prophet was making every effort to save them to escape from the destruction.Finally, the Muslim community in the Arabian Peninsula has been able to challenge the world, Rome and Persia then appear later as a society take over the world.
Prophet and the Companions, may Allah be successful in improving the society in terms of beliefs, attitudes, morals, ways of thinking and everything, including changes in the sacrifice of other people focused on focused on God. Human society successfully transferred from the two conditions differ very much.
In the following the historical development, after the success of the first time the Muslim community to weather the ups and downs in the stage of world upheaval and it is closely related to their commitment to the sacred religion of Islam. Kemalapan Muslim era occurred at the beginning of last century 20. Since the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate in Turkey in 1924, the Muslim community increasingly precarious in the world arena.
Muslims are now entering the era of the overall weakness and collapse. Islamic society fragmented by region and country, into a society that is constantly challenged and insulted everywhere. By the 21st century, the Muslim community diganyang everywhere like in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Palestine, Kosovo and throughout the world. What is happening now clear, as is told in a hadith narrated by Abu Dawud, which means:
'Almost all the people surrounding you, as those who are hungry around their meals.' Some have asked, 'What is due to our numbers less?' He replied: 'No you at that number but like a bubble. God in the hearts of your enemy pull push against you and put al-WAHN feeling in your hearts. ' Some have asked: 'What is al-WAHN Messenger of Allah?' He replied: 'Love of this world and hate death.'
This hadith clearly shows that until such time as the Muslims, like a dish surrounded by a group of greedy hungry people eat. No little anxiety in the hearts of non-Muslims to do whatever is preferred against the Muslims because they are very weak.

There are a variety of answers when you ask the current weakness of the Muslim community. Some believe it stems from political weakness and disunity among the Muslim community.Some have argued that economic weakness, the weakness of education and attainment of knowledge or because of shortcomings in the achievement of science and technology.Some people give the reason for the lack of religion or for religious disobedience and many others.
However, based on the hadith above, clearly shows that the reason of the Muslim community is losing the spirit of sacrifice in them. Muslims are not willing to sacrifice to not love the world or sacrifice to not fear death. They love the world that would choose to ignore the importance of religion. They also fear of death on demand by up fighting for the truth of religion. These negative characteristics that affect Muslims.
BROKEN spirit AH requires all Muslims to sacrifice to move from the negative form in themselves to positive forms in accordance with Islam. Sacrifice or jihad to embedded in the soul of the Muslim community in terms of understanding whether or attitude.
The Muslim community is now quite far astray from the path of religion. For example, while religion demands that its followers to seek knowledge, but a reality that is, until now most of the Muslim community were illiterate. Islam also calls for united ummah. But the reality is that Islam is currently the most number of people divided. So too, Islam requires its followers to be industrious, disciplined and keep time, but the Islam that is less work, not regulatory, and like to waste time.
If you look to the policies of the teachings of Islam, Muslims the opportunity to progress and honor in the world today are very promising. This is because Muslims have sufficient assets in order to book the encouragement of the progress of Islamic teachings and material assets.
Assets of encouragement and motivation of this religion can be seen clearly where Islam is concerned with knowledge and incumbent upon all Muslims to seek knowledge. Religion also demands that Muslims always build the strength and glory. This led the duty of Muslims to strive hard for power at any given time.Islam is also very conscious of life strong and noble character.Islamic followers mewajipkan life activities with integrity, honesty and trust.
Therefore, such incentives are very important and a large capital to the Muslim community in restoring grandeur and glory of the golden age of Muslims.
In addition, Muslims have a great asset and the main material that is not owned by the kuffar. Petroleum, natural gas, minerals, water resources, forest products, food ingredients, the number of and more is a source of strength for people who are the subject of class struggle and exploitation by the kuffar. With these assets and there is little adequate benefit the Muslim community into a strong and vibrant community as it was forged at one time.
Transfer of the Prophet and the Companions reported from Mecca to Medina and some of his previous migration from Mecca to Abyssinia, is the construction of new measures to prepare for the challenges of continually arriving.

AH was no stranger to Islam and it is part of Islam. AH for seeking knowledge, truth, striving, preaching, earn a living, for business and many other migratory are the basic claims and teachings of Islam itself. To continue to progress and achieve the dignity, the Muslim community can not sit back and just submit to fate. First Muslims were fighting in a fierce, so that is why they managed to put Islam in a dignified and proper. Now it's our contribution to this noble religion that it continues to grow and be respected. The earth and all that is therein belongs Muslims. In the hands of Islam for that matter it should be administered. The meaning of the word of God s.w.t:
"And indeed We have written in the Book We have sent down after his writings on the decrees, that the earth will be inherited by My servants the righteous'(Al-Anbiya ': 105)
Verse explains to Muslims about their rights to inherit the administration of this earth, but on condition that they are comprised of a group of good people. If these conditions expire, they are not entitled to much less deserve. To escape from the shackles of weakness and humiliation, then Muslims must see migration in a wide sense of self-transformation toward the glory of the world and the hereafter. For that the measures to be set must contain a clear understanding of how things work and proper and correct.
Changes to the advancement and glory of the community began with filling the understanding that Islam is a great and noble people to clear it is a great and noble people. But it can only be achieved through the strength of the spiritual, moral, physical, and creativity as well as the unity of Muslims themselves.
The Muslim community must also understand that all knowledge is good and beneficial to humans are included in the preferred and knowledge required by Islam. Therefore, the pursuit of knowledge that is beneficial is an obligation and those who ignore it counts. Communities also need to understand that they are the rightful heirs to the leadership of this earth. Without guidance and guidance in life from the Lord of hosts, it is impossible Associating anything other races eligible God created the earth govern him.
In addition to understanding, some of the work should also be organized by the Muslim community for the advancement and glory of Islam, which participate in the various studies and the discovery of more potent than other people, as long as it is beneficial and does not conflict with the bounds of Islamic law.

The Muslim community has to move and work freely in a vacuum bonded at the expense of narrow thinking. And also need to turn on and the spirit of jihad and sacrifice hard to achieve the noble ideals that coincide with Islam. Muslims can not but strengthen the pillars of strength must be composed of strength of faith, physical and material.
They also need to intensify efforts to create a good and balanced in terms of spiritual and physical as it is a condition inherited the leadership of this earth.
Muslim community becoming increasingly dull and lose strength can not be allowed to remain in this condition. Muslim community, in fact, have assets and strengths that need to be mobilized and utilized for the advancement and glory of the people. We are able to do so if we want because the supply is available. If the early generation of Muslims can do it then why not. BROKEN AH is indeed the most appropriate starting point in that direction.
source: http://www.islamgrid.gov.my/articles/sirah/maal-hijrah-suntikan-untuk-keunggulan-umat.php

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