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Reading the Qur'an in the Grave

Reading the Qur'an in the Grave

Islam recommends to fellow Muslims pray for each other, even against Muslims who had died. This proves that the brotherhood between the Muslims is eternal, not only while living in the world, but also when one of them had died. Even brotherhood will continue later in akhirat.Ulama jurists agree, that the practice of a living person who has been dedicated to rewarding the same die.Practice is not only limited to prayer, but also deeds-deeds that benefit others who have died. Like charity, reading the Koran, and pays the fasting qadha.
In the book of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah Hujjah explained there are two opinions regarding the legal reading of the Koran at the grave. Malikiyah schools consider it makruh. While the majority of scholars mutaakhkhirin allow it. And the latter is the prevailing opinion among the Muslims today.If we want to pay attention to hadith narrated by Ali bin Abi Talib from the Prophet Muhammad. Indeed he has said: "he who passed the cemetery and read the letter al-Fatihah eleven times, and then presented the reward to the person who has died, then granted him pahal with a count of people who had died earlier."
As for the hadith more specific description of the reading of the Koran at the grave is the hadeeth narrated by Abu Huraira, ra, which means: "he who made a pilgrimage to the tomb of his parents or one of them, then he read the letter Yasin in the cemetery, he has been forgiven with a count of verse or verse letter. And that person is considered suda h do good to parents ".
Described in the same book, Qadi Abi menghatami Thayyib when asked about al-Qur'an in maqbarah (grave), said that the reward for those who read. While the deceased, such as those present, is expected to receive blessing and mercy of Allah swt.
Thus, it is clear that reading the Koran in the cemetery is not prohibited by Islam. in fact, reading the Koran with pengetian the Sunnah.
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