Thursday, February 2, 2012

The fight against Turk. With Warfare Nations' Ajam

The fight against TurkWith Warfare NationsAjam

The Muslims have been fighting the Turk on the Companions of Allaah anhumIt happened at the beginning of the Umayyadcaliphatein the days of Mu-'anhu awiyah Allaah.

Narrated from Abu Ya'la Khudaij bin Mu'awiyahhe said, "I wasMu'awiya bin Abi Sufyan together when it comes to him a letterfrom the staff in an area, he reported that there had been fightingwith the Turks and the Muslims had been defeated .

  Many of their victimsas well as many spoils of war obtainedfrom themThen Mu'awiyah angry because of it, then ordered towrite a letter (the contents), "understand what you are saying,have you killed the victim and the spoils of war that you get, then I would not ever want to know to what that you have preparedand do not fight them until thou come unto my command"

  I (Mu'awiyah bin Khudaijasked, "Why, O Commander of the Faithful?" He replied"I heard the Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihiwa sallam said:' It would defeat the Turk to chase Arabs inal-Syiih and al-Qaishuum, 'and I do not like to fight them for it ".

  Turk has a lot of people who converted to Islameven a lot ofgood also the benefits they provide to Islam and the Muslims.Islamic countries as they make a strong country and with Islambecame victorious.


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