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Glorifying the virtue of Ulema

Glorifying the virtue of Ulema
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets.The scholars have an important role as a leader of the people to continue and maintain the greatness and glory of Islam. Prophet Muhammad ordered his followers to respect and honor the scholars. In fact, one of three things to worry about the Prophet Muhammad were Muslims will abandon and no concern of the scholars.
Prophet Muhammad's concern seems to have started happening.Not a few people who started to neglect, abuse, insult and against the clergy. Why not. Not a few people who make fun of and laugh at the fatwas of the scholars. Though, in fact, the fatwa was established to protect human life.
'' According to Islamic teachings, act like it's very dangerous,'' said Maulana Muhammad Zakariya al-Kandahlawi Fadilah Charitable Society in his book. Admittedly, in each there is always the good and bad. Similarly, among the clergy. Shaykh al-Kandahlawi confirmed, a good scholar more than a poor scholar.
So how do these scholars Suu '(bad) with scholars Rashad (given the instructions)? According to Sheikh al-Kandahlawi, there is no particular limitation in this regard. For that, there are two things to consider race-related issue. First, if a scholar has not been ascertained as a scholar Suu ', we should never make any decision against him.
Second, if only because of prejudice that the speaker is a scholar Suu ', do not ever deny his words out without prior investigation, because that attitude is tyranny.
Allah says in Qur'an al-Israa letter of verse 36:'' Do not follow anything that you have no knowledge of it, really hearing, sight and hearts, all will be asked.''
According to Sheikh al-Kandahlawi, the Prophet Muhammad taught his followers to be cautious, that is not denying or confirming anything for granted, until we know for sure. '' However, what happens now is the opposite. If someone says something contrary to our opinion, not only to reject it, even against it,'' he said.
Shaykh al-Kandahlawi warned Haqqani scholars, clerics Rushd (right) and Khairi are good scholars are human too. '' The only Ma'sum the Prophets. Therefore, if there is an error, kelemehan and shortcomings in themselves, their responsibilities to themselves again,'' said Sheik al-Kandahlawi.
According to him, only Allah has the right to determine whether punishment or forgiveness for them. Shaykh al-Kandandahlawi revealed, people are invited to prejudice, hate and try to keep people, including scholars of religion causes damage. People who like it, said Sheikh al-Kandahlawi, will receive a harsh punishment.
Rasulullah SAW said,'' Surely some of the glorification of God is; glorify Muslim parents, who did not honor the Quran hafiz cross the line and glorify the leader of the fair.'' (Abu Dawud). In fact, Prophet Muhammad stated, those who do not honor the scholars, is not part of his time.
'' Not including my people who do not respect their parents, do not care for the children and do not glorify the clergy.'' (Reported by Ahmad, Thabrani, Judge). In another hadith, the Prophet Muhammad was concerned about three things will happen to his people. '' I'm not worried about my people, except for three things,'' words of the Prophet.
'' First, the temporal abundance, so that people of one another.Second, ignorant people who try to interpret the Koran and ta'wilnya searched, but no one knows except Allah ta'wilnya.Third, scholars will not be neglected and ignored by my people.'' (HR Thabrani).
'' Today, many bad words have been thrown to the clergy,'' said Sheik al-Kandahlawi. For that, he said, people need to be careful in discussing the clergy. '' If in this world there is no clergy are honest and true and there is only ignorant people and clergy Suu ', we are still not allowed to accuse a scholar's suu'hanya by greeting people.''
According to him, the whole Muslim world community must realize that Islam can deliver a true scholars. Therefore, the presence of clergy in the midst of the congregation is obligatory kifayah. '' If a pilgrim has to make it happen, the lawsuits darfu fall of all. If we neglect to realize clerical effort of principle, we are all sinners,'' said al-Kandahlawi

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