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Inherited the ideals of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

Inherited the ideals of the Prophet Muhammad SAW
Description of the Prophet's Birthday at the State Palace 2011
By: DR. KH Said Aqil Siroj MA
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Thank God in gratitude tonight we can celebrate together the birth of the great leaders of the Great Prophet Muhammad's Ummah in a peaceful and prosperous. Although he was born and the world leader fifteen centuries ago, but the impact and footprint, and we can feel the benefits remain to this day. It was not because of what is conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad both contained in the Qur'an and Sunnah, not only in the form of abstract rules, but the teachings of the concrete that can be translated into everyday behavior, in which he himself Hanz hasanah be (a good example), for his people to this day. Nobility of character was confirmed that the Prophet; "kaana khuluquhul Quran, the whole behavior of the Prophet is a reflection of the noble values ​​that exist in the Qur'an.gt;Prophet Muhammad was sent with the task of prophetic or sacred duty liutamimma makaarimal morality (moral perfecting human). Of course this is a very heavy task, and it is almost impossible mission for developing the morality or the morality in the world community in an atmosphere of ignorance is a very well established with a social system that is full of discrimination, with full exploitation of the economic system; with a full power systemoppression, and its religious system that is full of polytheism. The sturdy system that had to be dismantled and overhauled by the Prophet to be replaced with a new system of life that is more just, more humane.
In the start of the task, then the first thing planted by the Prophet are the values ​​of monotheism or belief. This is the first step in freeing them from straying. Furthermore, from the pious faith was born, to the Islamic values ​​which are loaded with the progress of civilization and liberation from ignorance values. The mission here is completely integrated between faith and pious charity, which is reflected in every action. Prophetic mission that carried the Prophet is to create a civilized society is high, which is based on faith and good deeds.
Community development begins in the Medina, considering the condition of Yathrib (Madinah) as the social system are diverse, plural. Therefore, on many occasions we without doubt say that: The Prophet did not establish an Islamic state but the state of Medina. At that time a very heterogeneous population of Madinah Muslims who came from the tribe of Quraish (Emigrants) and the Ansor (Aus and Khazraj tribe), that the Jews of Bani Quraidlah, Bani Qoinuqa "and Banu Nadzir, and the Christians of Najran.With them was the Prophet makes the Charter of Medina had become binding compound masyaraakat wahidatan ummah (the Ummah), which upholds equality aside differences and fight together in defense of the country. As the leader of the prophet gave the great attention to all groups in society, show compassion, but still firm and fair. In Madinah every religious community have the right to life and freedom of religion to a large extent. As an example when there is a Muslim kills a Jew, then Nabipun rebuked him, saying;
من قتل ذميا فأنا خصمه و من كنت خصمه فلم يشم ريحة الجنةIt means: "Whoever I am fighting the dhimmi the enemy, and whoever is against me will not inhale the scent of Heaven".
It shows how pluralistic and tolerant outlook that has been implemented in earnest by the Prophet from the start. Thus the Charter of Medina can be implemented effectively to all members of the group who signed the Charter. All of them live in harmony and free to practice their religion under the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad. Life that is spread throughout the world including the coming and growing in the archipelago.
Mr. President, First Lady, the ministers, senior government officials, ambassadors of friendly countries, the scholars, the public presence of the gentlemen whom I respect
Another important aspect of leadership presented to the Prophet in Medina that is relevant to the present situation of its fair, firm and not nepotistic. One time a woman arrested for stealing, and Usama bin Zaid asked the Prophet to free the woman from punishment. But the Prophet refused resolutely to free the thief, saying:"If Fatimah bint Muhamamad (my daughter) stole, I would cut his own hand."
In applying his message of the Prophet do justice to any person, if his own family strayed too will be dealt with, not protected. Thus the law can be enforced indiscriminately, because there is a strong law enforcement.
Another highlight character of our Prophet's example is the attitude that has always loved the poor and common people. Able to serve the common people sebagimana facing the authorities.He himself chose to live a simple way to get along and feel their pain so they can fight for their interests. Teachings of the Prophet brought about the zakat, alms infaq and virtue is to create equitable prosperity and harmony. The aim of zakat and sadaqah is very clear:
كى لا دولة بين الأغنياء منكم
Meaning: In order for property is not just spinning in the neighborhood of the rich. (Surat al-Hashr: 7)
And this doctrine is applied when Abu Bakr who do not want to pay the zakat is considered out of Islam, then those who violate expressly dealt with, it shows little concern for the community, as exemplified by the Prophet.
The liberation of Mecca on the Prophet gave another example by giving a general amnesty to the group that had been hostile to him. Even though he was expelled from the land of their birth for approximately eight years, but he did not take revenge, against those who used to torture, an insult to Islam and the Muslims and the Prophet himself. But there are a bunch of Shabat a grudge against the cruelty of the Quraish pagans of old, so boasted furiously; al yauma yaumul malhamah (today is the Day of Judgment), then the firm will of the Prophet prevent shabatnya group with the opposite attitude to the full language of coolness; al yauma yaumul marhamah (today is the day of love), the day to forgive each other. Subsequently announced; who enter the mosque then they are safe, and anyone who entered the house of Abu Sufyan, the Quraysh leaders are also safe, and he who closes his house is also guaranteed security; so there is no bloodshed in the liberation of Mecca. The Prophet was sent to perfect the human character, far from feeling resentment, let alone a personal vendetta. The incident was immortalized in the Qur'an Allah:
فبما رحمة من الله لنت لهم ولو كنت فظا غليظ القلب لانفضوا من حولك فاعف عنهم واستغفرلهمIt means: "Due to the grace of Allah ye lenient with them (Quraish). Had you been harsh and rude they would be away from your side, so forgive and ask for their forgiveness. "(Surah Al 'Imran: 159).
With a soft and forgiving attitude of the Prophet's mission was to grow even more public sympathy.
Another chronicle lessons are taught by the Prophet after the liberation of Mecca, the various Arab tribes had converted to Islam, thus making some Muslims are proud that a majority in number. That attitude makes them arrogant and negligent in carrying out the commandments of God and his Apostle, so they got a big disaster when under attack from pagans in Khunain.Allah denounce it by saying:
ويوم حنين إذ أعجبتكم كثرتكم فلم تغن عنكم شيئاMeaning: And remember Khunain event, when you are arrogant, as many in number, so when a large number tu no benefit to you at all. "(Surat At-Tawbah: 25)
Allah and His Messenger wanted for the majority group should remain humble, so it can be protective for other minority keompok.
Mr. President, crowd presence and Gentlemen.
Historic occasion to note as well is when he divided the property ghanimah (spoils of war) after the event Ta'if, the Prophet puts a very small portion of the Companions of the leading Islamic militants and has long struggled. Instead give the distribution of very large yanag the Quraysh leaders who are new to Islam even though they were wealthy, so there is a friend who protest;
"Heed Muhammad!" The Prophet replied: "By Allah, what do I do this command of God and I have to do justice". The Prophet further said, "It would appear from my Ummah such people who memorized the Qur'an but not beyond the throat, they were worse than animals."
What is said the Prophet was not long after the Prophet's death appeared to be tatharruf Khawarij group (extreme) so mengkafirkan and kill fellow Muslims. This is the forerunner to the emergence of Islamic radicalism as we face today. The Prophet denounced their actions, because the harm Islam and Muslims miserable. Alhamdulillah current Islamist organizations, the community and that the government refused to join hands united movement radicalism. Because the movement was evident not only against Muslims themselves, but stand up to oppose even the Prophet's companions, in the name of Islam and justice.
Yeah the effectiveness of the leadership of the Prophet's life that previously created a violent peaceful life. This is an important lesson for Muslims after the building society, nation and state.The key is the union of faith with good works, unity between the rules and words with deeds. Apparently the Prophet's example has given us this inspired our Founding Fathers, and applied very precisely and in a very beautiful formula when creating the basic state by first laying foundation for belief in one God, who in religious language is called monotheism or belief, for Indonesia.
Based on monotheism was then followed by the principle of humanity, unity, deliberation and justice (which reflects the good deeds). Everything is contained in Pancasila is the basis of our country, where the first Sila reflects amanu (faith), while the next four precepts reflect amilus sholihati (and deeds). Because the position of Pancasila possessed a strong position, both syar'i (religion) as well as siyasi (politics). Therefore wholeheartedly accepted Pancasila as the basis for living in a society and state.
After more than a decade of reform are still many issues that we face and this is a big problem that needs to be resolved. With existing resources and the existing science and the spirit and faith and morality that is, we are optimistic people and the nation's problems can be overcome with the guidance and example given by the Prophet. The problem now is why we are still hard to emulate the steps and actions that have been handed down by the Prophet Muhammad. It was not because it was too personal interests and the faction of magnitude than the public interest or concern to the people. That is because the man was fascinated by the currents of modern life is materialistic and hedonistic. Though it is only wealth and power as a means to get to keridloan God, because wealth and power were not lasting and just trust or the trust by God, and every time God can take it back, as revealed;
قل اللهم مالك الملك تؤتى الملك من تشاء وتنزع الملك ممن تشاء وتعز من تشاء وتذل من تشاء بيدك الخير إنك على كل شيء قديرIt means: "Say: O God who has power, you give power to people who you want and you unplug the power from the one you want.You glorify the one you want and you despise the one you want. In the hands of all virtues. Thou art all-powerful over everything. "(Surah Ali Imran: 26)
Of course, a treasure to be sought, but with a halal way. Looking for property to meet the basic need of belonging that includes worship and pious deeds. Should note that property must ditasarufkan for the good things, so the property becomes meaningful. Because if the property is only collected for personal enjoyment by ignoring the interests of other people especially the people and state, then there arose a number of irregularities such as collusion, corruption and so on. Though God had warned that the property acquired by improper means it would be futile;
لن تغني عنهم أموالهم ولا أولادهم من الله شيئاIt means: "Not useful at all, wealth and their children to God."(Surah Ali Imran: 10).
However, power, leadership and even life itself is the mandate of Allah SWT, which must be accomplished with the best. Amanah is one of the properties of the Prophets and Apostles who should diteladi by his people. With the mandate and mission of Islam is the truth can be conveyed, as Allah says:
إن الله يأمركم أن تؤدوا الأمانات إلى أهلها وإذا حكمتم بين الناس أن تحكموا بالعدل
It means: "Verily Allah will ask you to convey the message to those who deserve it, and if the judge between men, let you set a fair." (Surah An-Nisa: 57).
Because the property is the mandate of leadership and establish the principles of Islamic leaders who have the power to apply the rule in accordance with the mandate that they entailed no increased or decreased:
تصرف الأمام على الرعية منوط بالمصلحة(Policy leader of his people should refer to kemashlahatan people).
Democratic commitment of a leader is a necessity in this sense.In fact confirmed again by the great Mujtahid Imam Muhammad Ibn IDRI As Syafii, that;
منزلة الإمام من الرعية منزلة الولي من اليتيم(The position of the government in conjunction with people such as the position of guardian of the orphans).
Like orphans, the people must be protected and maintained their rights, channeled their aspirations. Taking the right of the people as his sin by taking the rights of orphans, as it should be shunned.Policies that ignore the interests of the people of the same by taking the right of the people themselves, this should be considered by every leader.
Mr. President, the presence of all the happy audience.
Example is given of how the Prophet and the people sympathize with the poor cope with moving the zakat, and sedakah and other forms of distribution of wealth and welfare of others. All forms of monopoly power and wealth should be avoided in order to secure the general welfare. Current concentration of wealth in a group of people are still happening here and there, thus reducing the chance of another. Government must be sensitive to this issue, the government steps in this direction already exist, but need to be made to promote in order not to leak, stray or stop in the middle of the road. The people need to be given the maximum access to economic resources. Thus the monopoly of wealth can be broken down so that the distribution of welfare is happening.
With the coming of Muhammad we can obtain guidance from Allah to the right path, the path to justice and piety. That's the mission of the Prophet Muhammad who brought his teaching by example, show that brought the teachings of Islam can be applied in accordance with the ability of the human race. With a struggle full of courage and full of optimism that Islam can melakuakn change of life in a world only a short time, so it really makes the guidance of mankind and peace. That is why Islam as a religion called rahmatan lil alamin, which is exemplified by the Prophet.And will remain relevant shalihun wa fi Kulli meal times (relevant for all time and any place). In a relatively short time, less than a quarter century of teaching and its influence has spread to all corners of the world.
In this regard Allah says:
ألم يأن للذين آمنوا أن تخشع قلوبهم لذكر الله وما نزل من الحق ولا يكونوا كالذين أوتوا الكتاب من قبل فطال عليهم الأمد فقست قلوبهم وكثير منهم فاسقونIt means: "Has not come time for the faithful to remember Allah tuduk their hearts and the truth was revealed and they do not like the previous book although it has been revealed to him, then berlalaulah long time over them, plainly their hearts became hardened, and most of the Among them are the ones who rebel. "(Surat al-Hadid: 16)
Intelligence, ingenuity it is necessary to achieve progress, but remember, everything needs to be grounded in moral values ​​and humility. Because sometimes people make mistakes and can not see the truth not because of blind eyes, but because of the blind his heart:
أفلم ​​يسيروا في الأرض فتكون لهم قلوب يعقلون بها أو آذان يسمعون بها فإنها لا تعمى الأبصار ولكن تعمى القلوب التي في الصدور
It means: "Do they not walk on the earth, and they have hearts with which they can understand or have ears to hear. Because it is not really eye (head) they are blind, but blind are the (eye) their hearts in the chest. "(Surat al-Hajj: 46).
Often the liver blindness, lack of sensitivity that hinders a person's conscience to get the truth. Even if the heart is blind, although with bright eyes to see, reality is emblazoned on the front of the eye is not visible, if visible at all not to touch their hearts and feelings, because it has dulled the sharpness of feelings, social kepepekaan also been lost. That's where the importance of the leaders, especially senior officials to hone always careful to have a high sensitivity in capturing every aspiration developed in the community. Here, in addition to required aqal (ratio), it also takes the sharpness dzauq (sense) that exists in human hearts.
Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, the blessed presence of God
The light of faith and ethics that animates and inspires the development of science and Islamic civilization. Science is based on the belief that, then carried out with humility that this knowledge of God and ditasarufkan for the greater welfare of mankind. With such a principle that scientists believe it when it reaches a scientific career is not getting cocky, not the feudal, but the duck hearts, both before God and before humanity. It is therefore wise what is taught by our poets, the science of rice, the older, and more features then the duck. This is in accordance with the teachings of Islam as practiced by many scholars.
All the examples and the example of the Prophet was not only to be told, but to be inherited and implemented in daily life, today, both in personal life, family life, society and the nation. Insyallah.
Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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