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Migration Mind and Worldview

Migration Mind and Worldview
By: Hasnan bin KasanWriters panel JAKIM
AH is derived from the Arabic word which means to leave one place to go to other places. Some of the language that gives the meaning of migration includes migration of physical and spiritual migration.
Physical meaning of migration is leaving a single place. While emigration is the leave one spiritually-an attitude, belief, faith, emotional and tasawwur and replace it with another.
AH is very popular among Muslims because it is closely related to the Prophet transfer events from Mecca to Medina and is also the date of the calculation of the Islamic year.

AH fact or transfer the body from one place to another or from one state to another is something that is easily done by humans.Indeed, people often migrate from one place to another place with a specific purpose.
Sayyidina Ja'far ibn Abi Talib and his companions had migrated to Abyssinia to escape from the pressures of the Quraish pagans are so terrible. Many of the companions, may Allah after it has migrated to Medina to save their faith is threatened by a dispute with him.
In our country, many villagers have migrated to the city. Some also migrated from city to city in order to supplement their income or find comfort in many ways and areas of their abilities and their qualifications.

At lower levels, the animals, and animals also make migration from one place to another, especially in desert or wide open spaces just to get food and shelter as a result of the changing seasons and weather.

If examined it is certain there is clear difference between the migration done by the Prophet and his companions with the migration caused by people today who live in the village of heading into town.
AH the Prophet and the Companions, may Allah is to save the religion and faith, seek to facilitate efforts to establish religious practice and an effort to spread the message of Islam to humanity even if they had to bear the loss of the world.
Abu Bakar and Abdul Rahman bin Auf, may Allah have left all their property in Mecca to migrate to Medina after Mecca prevent people muysrikin they bring along their property. While the stone age emigration or migration from villages to the city now is to make a living and quality of life.

However, both forms of migration and migration is still rewarded by Allah as long as it is done for him.

The essence of His Majesty's Hijrah from Mecca to Medina is not only focused on the transfer jasadiah can be seen by the eye, but its purpose is more important is to guide and educate the companions reported recently converted to Islam to the perfection of Islam little by little .
In short, the philosophy of the migration of the Prophet from Mecca to Medina is to ensure the transfer of confidence, tasawwur, character and attitude of the companions reported the influence of ignorance to the influence of revelation and nature, can run smoothly without any interruptions.

Migratory philosophy is explained by the Prophet when he rebuked Umar's words to Bilal, "O son of a black '. He said to Umar, "Surely the self you have characteristics of ignorance.

Migratory philosophy has nurtured and educated by the Prophet to his companions inside this ra Islam is internalized by the present generation. If the philosophy of leveraging the emigration, the Prophet managed to establish an ideal Islamic society and the masters of the communities surrounding the non-Muslims in Medina, Islam then why not the present generation as a balance to make it an ideal form of society and respected in all fields.

If the early Islamic community is respected and acknowledged by non-Muslim society, why do Muslims today with the number of people, faces a wide range of its land, wealth, an abundance of raw materials and clever clever that is just as good, still a society that viewed low and dealt by non-Muslims.
Islamic societies today have also been made by non-Muslims, especially the West as a place to market their own products.

Al Shahid Sayid Qutub, is stated, "Even to get a needle even Muslims are forced to import from the West '. In addition to bringing the companions, may Allah be migrated to Medina, the Prophet had also brought along their minds to migrate from the trust, tasawwur, attitudes and moral ignorance to belief, tasawwur, morals and attitudes that coincided with a revelation by God For example, events during the stay in the cave Tyre, he was correct and tasawwur faith that is in the minds of Abu Bakr ra
When Abu Bakr saw was in a state of fear and anxiety that he feared were successfully detected or harmed by the idolaters of Mecca, the Prophet said 'Do you feel worried and sad, for Allah is with us'.

Tasawwur demolition of ignorance of the new Islamic society to know the religion of Islam on the concept of human brotherhood, regardless of state boundaries, skin color and ancestry, he was unite the two groups differ much in terms of status.

He was among those who unite in a house and land (Ansar) by the immigrants (Muhajirs) who did not have anything other than themselves and the religion they believe.

In menghijrahkan tasawwur them about the position of a prophet or apostle, he has shown himself, was how ordinary people are no different to other men. Only difference God has revealed his message to him and told him to pass on to all mankind.

In the Battle of Badr, he has shown how other people are also entitled to her opinion, even in moments. When one of his companions suggested that the Muslim army entrenched in the valley close to the water, he has accepted the proposal even though he originally had its own plans and proposals. In the battle of Uhud, the Prophet was with the fight to suffer an injury which is common among other fighters.

In Ahzab, he had joined forces to mobilize the trenches and recommended by Salman al Pharisees. Even reported that he was lifting a large stone building that is not lifted by the companions of ra others and he was lay a stone in the stomach to starve from lack of food.

In the battle of Hunayn, when the Muslims saw their number is much higher than the number of enemy soldiers, and they feel that they must defeat the enemy army.

But God has been teaching and bring their minds to emigrate.Allah has taught Muslims that determines victory and defeat in that war is God, not a great number and equipment. God has laid on the military defeat of Islam until the Prophet was vulnerable to attacks and threats of the enemy until the event has been immortalized by Allah in the Quran.

In rectifying tasawwur companions reported about life in the world, the Messenger of ketikamana menghijrahkan their minds together his few companions were resting under a tree in a single trip. He had said to his companions:

'The likeness of the world lives like we stopped under this tree.We only stopped for a while and will continue the journey after a short while. In another saying he had explained to his companions that 'The world is a farm where cultivation for the hereafter'.

In rectifying tasawwur companions reported on the concept of work in the life of the Prophet Companions ra menghijrahkan mind that even if Islam stressed that the Hereafter is better living and eternal, but it does not mean that will hinder human efforts in the life of this world.

He has indicated, even if one is to know that the Day of Judgment will take place the next day he still have to do the work or efforts should be done.

In this, he has said, which means, 'If the hand you have the seeds of dates and you know that tomorrow will take place the day of resurrection you shall grow and do not let the Hour occur without the palm planting. If you think, what the benefits of planting dates is unlikely to produce results within a few hours the next day when the Hour will occur. The growers would not be able to eat the planted seed yield.

But he has expressed this tradition to bring the mind of the companions, may Allah and the Muslims that the duty of man in the world are carrying out their duties and responsibilities sesempurna possible without being complacent or negligent.This is because each fulfilled the duties and responsibilities will be considered by God as a good time even if the results are not felt by the perpetrator or others.He also has written to the understanding of the Muslim community that the device or bridge to get to the hereafter is life.

Those who leave this life with a reason for focusing attention in the Hereafter is the misconception of the concept in Islamic life.This is because happiness or misery in the Hereafter depends on practices and human endeavor in this world.

In the human world entrusted with the responsibilities and obligations that must be met to complete, when only his class mukallaf and understanding. How can it be claimed that human happiness in the afterlife awaiting him when he did not know the duties and responsibilities that must be met when he was alive in the world?.

Among the companions of ra, who had received the mind of migration done by the Prophet was' Umar al-Khattab He had understood that the search facilities and supply of this life, man can not submit to God without trying.

With this understanding, Umar was scolded Muslims who only sit down to worship in the mosque to seek out support themselves and their families. He has revealed the eternal words of the leading Islamic historical record "How can you just surrender to Allah while you know that the sky will not rain gold or silver.
Umar ra also say things that show the migration of mind and confidence in fellow beings face when he was kissing Hajar al-Aswad, 'O stone, if I had not seen the Prophet kissing you I would not have kissed you as I do now' That is clearly tasawwur Umar al Hajar Aswad reported on can not benefit or harm him. This tasawwur produced after 'Umar received ray guidance and clarification from the teachings of Muhammad that instills confidence that power can bring harm and benefit to mankind is the power that comes from the Lord of the Superintendent of nature.

Thus the migration of mind brought by Islam has been presented by great beloved Prophet Muhammad saw Efforts to understand the concept and tasawwur man who was taken by him was continued by his companions, the tabi'in, the salafus righteousness, and the scholars and preachers in the past and present.

They always want to see human life as a servant to God and not a slave to lust or other creatures and also far from tasawwur or belief that does not meet the true teachings of Islam. This is because Islam came in order to free people from the colonial mentality and tasawwur.
The matter was settled by Ruba'ei bin Umair when he was confronted by Rustam, a feared warlord Rum by opponents and friends. Rustam has been asked to Ruba'ei 'Why did you come to us?'. Ruba'ei say 'We came to remove the human from the human slaves to become slaves to God, light from the darkness of polytheism to monotheism and human issue of hardship to the generality of the world hereafter.

Menghijrahkan efforts tasawwur human mind and the time is now very necessary and must be done to ensure that all people will continue to live in based on the idea that he was free from any bondage and ketundukkan either human or other creature.
In other words, efforts to bring the mind and the Muslim community today tasawwur to migrate to the Divine guidance of natural light irradiation is necessary to ensure that every individual Muslim to enjoy the full independence of the elements of the colonial occupation of either physical or spiritual.

To free themselves from slavery and the human soul and make it independent or colonial independence, we will be able to see people able to highlight the positive qualities inherent in them and drive away the negative attributes are always prevent the development and human development.Independence and human freedom in terms of physical and spiritual are essential to move a mature and civilized society.
All walks of life whether at home, in the city, students, educators, businessmen, politicians, religious leaders, administrators and others need to appreciate the mind and tasawwur migration as has been practiced by the companions of the Prophet at one time.

Although our country has gained independence since decades ago, but the colonial mentality still exists and stayed strong until now. There are still among the countries of Malaysia is confident that local products have a lower quality than foreign made products, especially those coming from the West.

Still too many who have tasawwur that this country can only be managed and governed in accordance with the West or the dictates of foreign powers for the Malaysian society is a society that lack of experience and superficial in terms of the rule. Indeed, the strength and glory of this nation will stand out when they actually do the migration of the mind and tasawwur as performed by the generation of the companions of the Prophet migrated more than 1400 years ago.
source: http://www.islamgrid.gov.my/articles/sirah/penghijrahan-minda-dan-tasawwur.php

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