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Read Shalawat for blessings on the Prophet Reading is one of the deeds that endeared people NU

Read Shalawat for blessings on the Prophet Reading is one of the deeds that endeared people NU
Read Shalawat for blessings on the Prophet Reading is one of the deeds that endeared people NU, in addition to practice-practice like that. There shalawat "Nariyah", no "Thibbi Qulub".There shalawat "Tunjina", and much more. Not to mention reading "hizib" and "rawatib" innumerable. All that pushing religious spirit and ideals of the Prophet at a time of worship.
One hadith which we diligently read shalawat is: Messenger of Allah said: Anyone read the blessings on me, Allah will reward the good 10, 10 his sins forgiven, and plus 10 degrees to him.So, for those NU, any religious activity can be inserted reading all the blessings on the manifold.
One of the blessings on the very popular is "Shalawat Badr".Almost every NU, from children to grandparents, can certainly sing the blessings on Badr. Even so popular, people are not too familiar NU as morning, afternoon, evening, event anytime and anywhere "Shalawat Badar" is always sung together.
Blessings on this one, "shalawat Nariyah", no less popular among NU members. Especially when dealing with intractable problems of life then there is no other way but to restore it to God conundrum. And blessings on Nariyah is one way to complain to him.
One of the other blessings on blessings on Tafrijiyah Qurtubiyah is efficacious, called the Moroccan shalawat Nariyah because if they (Muslims) what to expect idealized, or want to reject what is not preferred, they gathered in one chamber to read as many blessings on this Nariyah 4444 times, achieved what was desired by the rapid bi idznillah. Shalawat also by experts who know the secrets of nature.
Dainuri priest commented: Anyone reading this shalawat after prayer (fardlu) 11 times used as wiridan the fortune will not break, in addition to getting the rank / position and the level of the rich.(Khaziyat al-Asrar, p 179)
Consider the following words of the Prophet Muhammad:
وأخرج ابن منذة عن جابر رضي الله عنه أنه قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: من صلى علي كل يوم مئة مرة - وفي رواية - من صلى علي في اليوم مئة مرة قضى الله له مئة حجة - سبعين منها في الأخرة وثلاثين في الدنيا - إلى أن قال - وروي أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: اكثروا من الصلاة علي فإنها تحل العقد وتفرج الكرب - كذا في النزهة
Hadith of Jabir Ibn Mundah, he said: Messenger of Allah said: Who reads the blessings on me 100 times 100 times Allah will mengijabahi his business; his business in the next 70, and 30 in the world. Until the words ... and the hadith that the Prophet said: Expand blessings on me because it can solve problems and eliminate sadness. Similarly, as stated in the book of an-Nuzhah.
Heard the Messenger of Allah in nature Barzakh reading prayers and greetings, and he will answer them according to relevant answers from greetings and blessings on earlier. As mentioned in the hadith. Rasulullah SAW said: My life, my death as well, better than you. You talk and talk well, do good you brought to me, if I know it's good deeds, I praise God, but bad if I ask forgiveness of Allah. (Hadith narrated by al-Hafiz Ismail Al-Qadi, the chapter shalawat 'ala an-Nabi).
Haitami priest in the book Majma 'az-Zawaid believe that the above hadith is authentic. It is clear that the Messenger of his people ask for forgiveness (forgiveness) in nature Barzakh.Forgiveness is a prayer, and prayer of the apostle to his people would be useful.
There is another hadith again. The Prophet said: No one greets me except Allah would deliver to my soul so I can answer this greeting. (Narrated by Abu Dawood from Abu Hurayrah. There is in the book of Imam an-Nawawi, and sanadnya saheeh)
KH Abdul Fattah MunawwirPesantren Krapyak caregivers, Yogyakarta
source: http://www.nu.or.id/page/id/dinamic_detil/10/11093/Ubudiyyah/Membaca_Shalawat_untuk_Nabi.html

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