Saturday, February 11, 2012

Overcoming the World crisis with the Power of Moral

Overcoming the World crisis with the Power of Moral by: Dr KH Said Aqil Siroj MA
The world crisis is equivalent to the crisis that hit Indonesia in 1998 knowledge, rooted in the moral crisis of collusion and excessive corruption. As the global crisis is rooted in a moral crisis, it needs to be resolved is morally, before completion of technical managerial. Due to the epicenter of world crisis is centered in the heart of the world economy both in America and Europe, the impact spread throughout the world.
In a meeting of religious leaders who had just held in Munich Germany, the country's Minister of Economic Affairs convey the need to restore the economy according to moral and religious heritage. The clergy are asked to contribute to overcome this crisis. Germany is a country that is relatively safe from shock due to the crisis in developing economies but also conservative first study in China.
Alhamdulillah Indonesia has been experiencing a crisis because it is now relatively safe from the crisis shaking the world. This we should be grateful, therefore all parties are expected to maintain this condition by maintaining the dignity and integrity and harmony of the nation, because if the security concerned on the crisis is imminent. We are quite concerned about the recent conflicts such as in Ambon, in Papua, in Makssar and a few other places, hopefully this conflict quickly completed. All parties should take care of myself. Alert to the provocation, so do not be a war between groups like years ago. As a moral force and sense of responsibility to the nation seeking peace and tranquility NU stay awake in this country, because it authorized us to move forward.
When they wanted out of the national economic crisis, Gus Dur had initiated to establish the economic axis between India, China and Brazil, unfortunately the idea was opposed by the elites in this country. As a result, a brilliant idea that other people were arrested, by forming the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), now they become a world economic power that is unmatched. Now all the rush to learn in China. Yes indeed be learned but must not be copied because of the background history and culture and different political traditions. Therefore the next NU will continue to explore ideas of Gus Dur whether in relation to issues of national and international levels.
In the development of social problems, including political economy, NU departed from the principle of al akhlaqul karimah, while in principle ahkhlaqul karimah NU has developed operations in mabadi khoiro ummah which includes; ash shidqu (right), bil wafa al-'ahd (pledge right ), ta'awun (please help), al 'is the (justice) and committed and (consistently). In the run social activities, economic and political strategy movement NU nationality rests on mabadi khoiro this ummah, which is a sacred task that will always be carried out by NU.
With the principles of NU's take a role in national politics, to maintain balance and serenity of life in this country. The emergence of extreme neo-liberalism will bring this country to the extreme liberal capitalist, while the rise of fundamentalist Islamic movements will bring this country into the exclusive state religion.With the principle of ummah khoiro mabadi and hold on to attitudes tawasuth, tawazun and tasamuh NU seeking a middle ground so that the harmony of this nation is maintained.
It stood in the middle position or middle ground is more difficult than an extreme way, but this attitude is considered to have no principle, it is also very difficult to maintain consistency at this line and thank God NU could maintain this position from birth until now, because it is committed and principled.
In addition to social conflict in many places, the country is also very prone to political conflicts among the elite. This is very regrettable given the country is facing great challenges of economic and political crisis of the world, while we can not concentrate to overcome, even dragged by a variety of tensions.While not sticking it out there should be reconciliation between the powers that be to save the country, both in conflict and crisis that continues to threaten any country.
As religious organizations and even clergy are appropriately NU provide moral appeal, but it is to keep the harmony of this nation.Keep in mind that our great nation, who inhabit a large country, because it takes people with big hearts and also needed a high-minded leader, in order to bring the trust to manage the nation, and the people of this state with full responsibility.
A nation can not survive without the state and strong leadership, cunning and character, that this nation will not be swayed by the will of other nations. In the economic field such a deep look at all that our economic policies have not sided with the people at large, do not even support the interests of the nation itself. Yet one important factor that is able to provide welfare economics is based on the economics of business people and grounded in the national interest. Very ironic that the mandate of the Constitution is actually difficult to realize in this negari. If we want to avoid a crisis and want to progress and berkembanag the Constitutional mandate that we must run.

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