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Television media in search ads justified the means, even though'' shirk'' broadcast events.

Television media in search ads justified the means, even though'' shirk'' broadcast events.
We're really concerned about our media, including television did not select first television shows, including selebrities events, such as ritual events that are considered part shirk'' socialize'' doctrine. such rituals a few artists lately. but this event is not educating our young people,
in protest and did not support the show we should not watch baikot just for the television show, that we sin because we are not helped by watching a television advertising revenues could be clouded though it has damaged the nation's morals.
There are several verses about shirk, as below:
Take Aqidahmu of the Qur'an and the Sunnah (5): Various kind of Shirk Akbar (B)

By: Shaykh Muhammad Bin Jamil Zainu
Problem 11:Can hang charms or any other kind?
Answer 11:
Should not, their argument the word of God:
 وإن يمسسك الله بضر فلا كاشف له إلا هو 
It means: "If God afflict you with the accident, then no one can resist it except Him." (Tr. Al-An `am: 17)

And the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:
من علق تميمة فقد أشرك. حديث صحيص رواه أحمد
It means: "Those who rely on the charm, he had been idolatrous." (Hadith reported by Ahmad)التميمة (amulets, implants, and the like) is anything that is hung or used to ward off 'ain (eye sight due to interference).
Problem 12:What is the ruling charity under any law or rule of Islamic law menyelisihi?
Answer 12:
Do this is if she let him disbelieve or believe the truth, the argument of the word of God:
 ومن لم يحكم بما أنزل الله فأولئك هم الكافرون  
It means: "Whoever does not arbitrate with what Allah hath revealed, they are infidels." (Tr. Al-Mâ'idah: 44)
And the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:
وما لم تحكم ألؤئمتكم بكتاب الله, ويتخيروا مما أنزل الله, إلا حعل الله بأسهم بينهم. حديث دحسن رواه إبن ماحه و غيره
It means: "And if they do not punish the leaders of the Book of Allah and did not choose that which is revealed from God but Allah will inflict the violence that occurs among them." (Hadith history Ibn Majah and others: hasan)
Problem 13:How to resist Satan interference are asking: Who created God?
Answer 13:
When the devil whispers that question to one of you, then ask protection.Institution to God. The evidence is the word of God:
 وإما ينزغنك من الشيطان نزغ فاستعذ بالله إنه هو السميع العليم
It means: "And if Satan that bother you, then ask for the protection of God, surely He is Hearing, Knowing." (Tr. Fushshilat: 36)
And the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has taught us how to resist Satan devised by saying:
آمنت بالله و رسوله, الله أحد, الله الصمد, ام يلد, ولم يولد, ولم يكن له كفوا أحد. ثم ليتفل عن يساره ثلاثا, وليستعذ من الشيطان, وليمته, فإن ذلك يذهب عنه.
It means: "I believe in Allah and His apostles, Almighty God, Allah place depends, no children and is not begotten and not one that matched his' then spat on the left three times."
Then he will be free of temptation Satan. This is a summary of the hadiths shohih issued by Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmad, and Abu Dawud.
Problem 14:What is the danger of major shirk?
Answer 14:
Causing major shirk eternal hell, with God's word the proposition:
 لقد كفر الذين قالوا إن الله هو المسيح ابن مريم وقال المسيح يا بني إسرائيل اعبدوا الله ربي وربكم إنه من يشرك بالله فقد حرم الله عليه الجنة ومأواه النار وما للظالمين من أنصار 
It means: "Indeed the polytheists to Allah then Allah forbid Paradise for him and his residence is hell and there are no helpers for the wrongdoers." (Tr. Al-Mâ'idah: 72)
And the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:
و من لقي الله يشرك به شيئا دخل النار. حديث صحيح رواه مسلم
It means: "Those who turn to God in an act of shirk, he'll go to hell." (Hadith narrated by Muslim shohih)
Problem 15:Bermanfaatkah charity that accompanied shirk?
Answer 15:
 ذلك هدى الله يهدي به من يشاء من عباده ولو أشركوا لحبط عنهم ما كانوا يعملون
It means: "If they are to Allah, He fled away from their deeds they have done." (Tr. Al-An `am: 88)
And the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in a hadith Qudsi:
قال الله تعالى أنا أغنى الشركاء عن الشرك. من عمل عملا أشرك معي فيه غيري تركته و شركه. حديث صحيح رواه مسلم
It means: "Allah berfirrman: I do not need the allies that, whoever do good deeds and allying with one another I was in practice, it will I leave him with his allies." (Hadith narrated by Muslim shohih)

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