Thursday, February 2, 2012

The loss of Amanah

The loss of Amanah

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam hadith narrated to us two, one of them I have seenand now I'm waiting for the others.

  He narrated to me that the mandate of stopping at the base ofthe human heartthen they know the majority of al-Qur-an, to knowsome of the as-Sunnah, and he narrated to us how he made of that trusthe said, "Someone to sleepand trust in the his heart is revoked, then the mark is still there like the dotsand then heslept and then unpluggedthen the mark is like blisterslike a lump of coal that rolled to the feet of fireand he hurt her so thatyou see blisters, no nothing (something that benefits ) in it.

  Then in the morning buying and selling human beingsit isalmost one of them could not carry out the mandatesaying,'Behold the children of so and so there is a man who trusted,' andsay to someone'It's smartIt's ingeniousand really strong!While in his heart there is no faith in anything as heavy asmustard seed.

Has come to an age where I do not ever matter to anyone of you Ido the buying and selling, if he is a Muslimthen Islam will beback (trust), and if a Christianthen that would restore walinyalah(mandate) to me .


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