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Ahl al-Sunnah Convinced About Mizan. Believe in the existence of al-Haudh. Believe in the existence of ash-Shirath

Ahl al-Sunnah Convinced About MizanBelieve in the existence of al-Haudh. Believe in the existence of ash-Shirath

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Ahlus Sunnah believe about the enforcement of الميزان (scales)and the opening of charity recordsIn the language (etymology) is a tool mizan sense (balance) to measure something based onheavy and light.

In terms (terminology), mizan is something that God put on the Day of Judgement for weighing deeds of His servantsas has been shown by Al-Qur'anSunnah and ijma 'Salaf.

As His words"Whoever scales are heavy (goodness) it, then they are the ones who are luckyAnd whoever scales are light, they are the ones who harm themselves, they will abide in HellJahannam.

  Their faces were burned in the fire of Hell and Hell they were in a state of disability"And every man have We kalungkan (note)his deeds in his neckAnd on Judgement Day, We're out to him a book in an open state.

  'Read your booksuffice it yourself on this day as a reckoner foryou."Allah Ta'ala says:" And diletakkanlah bookthen you will see people who are guilty of fear of what is (written) in it. They said'Woe is usthe book is this that does not leave a small anddo not (also) a greatbut he recorded it all ....

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