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Understanding Islam and degree

Understanding Islam and degree

CategoryBook: Basics of Islam

Islam in etymology (language) means submissive, obedientorsurrender. As for the Shari'ah (terminology), if absolutized be intwo sensesFirstIf specified alone without the accompanimentto the words of faith, the sense of covering the entire religion of Islam, both usul (fundamental) and furu '(branches), also the wholeissueaqeedah, worship, beliefs, words and deeds.

So this notion suggests that Islam is acknowledged by the tonguebelieving with the heart and submit to Allah Almighty for all that has been determined and destined, as the word of AllahSubhanahu wa Ta'ala about Prophet Ibrahim Alaihissallam:"(Remember) when the Lord-he said to him (Abraham),'surrender am left!' He replied'submit myself to the Lord of the Worlds."

Allah Almighty also says"Verily the religion with Allah is IslamIt is not disputing the people who have been given the Book until after they acquire knowledgebecause of malice between them.Whoever disbelieve the revelations of Allah, then indeedAllah is swift in reckoning. "

  According to Shaykh Muhammad ibn 'Abdul Wahhabrahimahulllah, the definition of Islam is: "Islam is to submit to Allahwith His mentauhidkansubmissive and obedient to Him inobedienceand innocent of shirk and the perpetrators."

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