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Ansor East Java: Beware of Sunni-Shia Conflict Design; Alleged religious conflict in Madura: Police

Ansor East Java: Beware of Sunni-Shia Conflict Design; Alleged religious conflict in Madura: Police

Regional Leaders (PW) of Islamic Organizations Ansor East Java, Indonesia urged people to be aware of the existence of Sunni-Shiite conflict design in Sampang, Madura, East Java, on some time ago.

"We suspect there are design to undermine the Sunni-Shiite East Java. Therefore, a similar incident with the same issue just happened in Bangil," said Secretary of PW Ansor East Java, Imron Rosyadi Hamid, in Jakarta, Sunday (1 / 1).

He was responding to a house burning and Shia madrassas in Nangkernang Hamlet, Village Coral Gayam, District Omben, Sampang regency, Madura, by a number of mass anti-Shia on December 29 last. According to Imron, awareness about the alleged existence of Sunni-Shiite conflict design is important for the community. This is so that the community is not easily provoked by similar things.

Community leaders should also prevent cases are not widespread and growing.

"For members Ansor and Banser, we are asking members of the NU Ansor and to assist the police in order to restore the state kondusivitas. It is important that efforts to expand and develop the conflict can be prevented," he said. "We also hope the government is able to provide assurance of safety and security for all citizens, including the followers of Shia to run the beliefs and worship according to the 1945 Constitution.''

A home in the Shiite followers of Sampang, East Java, on Saturday at around 3:00 pm a mob burned.

"We're still conducting an investigation related to this case," says Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Sampang Solehan, Saturday afternoon.

The house burned followers of Shiite masses because disagreement is owned by Moh Siri (56) Laok Gaddhing Hamlet, Village Bluuran, District Karangpenang, Sampang.

According to the Shiite-led flow Ustat Tajul Muluk, house burning incident during which his followers were concerned was sleeping.

Siri Moh home burned in the front and back by using gasoline and beds of victims. While the door is closed from the outside by the perpetrator. "Maybe these actors want Mah Siri burned alive," said Tajul Muluk.

Solehan police chief said, in addition to conducting investigations related to this case, it also has gathered community leaders and Sunni leaders in Sampang to muffle the case.

Case Shiites and Sunnis in the District of Sampang, Madura is the case since a few years ago, even in early 2011, the Shia-led mass Sampang was expelled on the grounds of Shiite teachings considered heretical.

"We hope that the officer could dampen this case, because of Shia Islam is not a heretic, but has been recognized in this world as the flow of Sunni Islam," said Shiite leaders Sampang Ustat Tajul Muluk.

Not yet known material losses due to arson Sampang followers of Shia Islam, but based on the estimate of about tens of millions of dollars.

Alleged religious conflict in Madura: Police

Ulma Haryanto, Ezra Sihite & Dessy Sagita, Jakarta Globe
A Shiite-run Islamic boarding school in East Java was set on fire on Thursday by a group claiming to be Sunnis, but rights activists said the conflict was partly due to a drawn-out family dispute.

The Tajul Muluk Islamic boarding school, or pesantren , in Nangkernang village in the Sampang district of Madura Island was destroyed, but there were no reports of injuries.

The pesantren housed about 100 male and female students.

“We suspect the incident was carried out by a group of Wahhabis who are also suspected of burning the house of one of the school’s teachers two weeks ago,” said Ahmad Hidayat, secretary general of Shia Islamic organization Ahlulbait Indonesia (ABI), referring to members of an ultra-conservative Sunni branch.

In the previous incident, he said, the attackers locked the teacher’s door shut before setting the house on fire but the occupants managed to escape.

There had been rumors of an impending attack, ABI member Moh. Hadun Hadear told BeritaSatu Media Holdings, with which the Jakarta Globe is affiliated. Despite appeals to the police, though, nothing was done.

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Saud Usman Nasution denied allegations that police let the attacks occur, saying officers tried to go to the location but “were intercepted by a mob.”

A Sunni group burning a house in the Sampang district of Madura Island on Thursday. They also burned a Shiite-run boarding school. (Antara Photo

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