Friday, January 27, 2012

The attitude of Ahlus Sunnah Against Ulema Error

The attitude of Ahlus Sunnah Against Ulema Error

After the death of the Prophet no one Ma'sum (free of error).Similarly, the learned man: he would not be separated from error.

  A person who falls within the error, do not mistake it used to drop himAnd must not mistake the means to unlock the otherugliness and do tahdzir against him.

A little mistake should it dima'afkan with many truths that he had.If there are scholars who had died were incorrect opinion, thenwe should still take advantage of his knowledgebut do not followhis opinions are wrongand still pray for and expect God to pour out her grace.

But when one person whose opinion is still aliveis he a scholaror just the prosecution of sciencethen we gently remind his mistake was in hopes he could find out his mistake, so he returned to the truth.

  Scholar who has died that has errors in the creed is an issue of Al-Bayhaqi, An-Nawawi and Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani. Nonetheless,scholars and seekers of knowledge still take advantage of their knowledge.


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