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Always Talking To Maintain Good Oral

Always Talking To Maintain Good Oral

Al-Bukhari in the book Shahihnya no. 6475 and Muslim in the book Shahihnya no. 74 hadith narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet said. "Whoever believes in Allah and the hereafter then he should say good or silent".

Imam Nawawi commented on this hadith when explaining the hadiths Arba'in. He explained, "Imam Shafi'i explained that the purpose of this hadith is that if someone would say let him think first.
If the predicted words will not bring harm, then please him speak.If, however, estimated that his words would bring harm or bring harm doubt whether or not, then he should not talk ".

Some scholars say, "If you are buying paper for the angels who record the deeds you, surely you will be more silent than to speak". Imam Ibn Abu Hatim al-Busti Hibban said in his book Al-'Uqala Raudhah Nazhah wa al-Fudhala things. 45,

"A rational person should be more quiet than talk. That's because how many people are sorry for speaking, and a bit of regret because of silence. People who are most wretched and most unfortunate part is getting someone who always speaks his verbal, while the mind does not want the road ".

Legal prejudice-Search And Finding Errors
Allah Ta'ala says. "O ye who believe, avoid most of suspicion, for surely some prejudice actions are sinful and do not seek after-car faults of others".

In this paragraph contained orders to stay away from most prejudiced, because there are some actions that prejudice is a sin.

In this verse there is also a ban on doing tajassus. Tajassus is looking for errors or ugliness-ill of others, which is usually the bad effects of prejudice.
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said. "Be careful of your actions prejudiced, because prejudice is sedusta-speech lie.

Do you find news ill of each other, spy on each other, of one another, turned each other and hate each other. Be you the servants of God are brothers "
Commander of the Faithful 'Umar ibn Khathab said, "Thou shalt not prejudiced against the words that come out of thy brother a believer except by conjecture that good. And thou shalt always carry his words to the prejudices of the good "

Weak Gentle And Compassionate

God explains that His Prophet, Muhammad, as a person with great morals. Allah Ta'ala says. "Really, you have great morals" (Al-Qalam: 4).

He also explained that he was a friendly and gentle. Allah Ta'ala says. "With the grace of God because you apply gentle towards them.

If you get tough again be rough, of course they are away from around you "(Ali Imran: 159). He also explained that he was a loving and having compassion towards those who believe.

Allah Ta'ala says. "Now hath come unto you a messenger from thy people own, the heavy thought of your suffering, really wants you (believers and survived), again very loving mercy towards the believers" (At-Tawbah: 128).

Prophet ordered and encourages us to always lenient. He said."Persulit Mudahkanlah and do not you, give you the glad tidings and do not make people run away" This is narrated by Al-Bukhari, no. 69 and Muslim, no. 1734 from Anas ibn Malik. This hadith is also narrated by Muslim, no. 1732 of Abu Musa with lafadz. "Give glad tidings and do not you make people flee.Mudahkanlah and do you persulit ".
Sources: http://almanhaj.or.id

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