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Qaradawi Fatwa: Is Prophet Khidr still alive?

Qaradawi Fatwa: Is Prophet Khidr still alive?

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID - Al-Khidr is a righteous servant and is mentioned by Allah in Surat Al-Kahf, namely as a friend of the Prophet Musa, where Moses learned to him.
Al-Khidr requires him to be patient. So Moses menyanggupinya.Al-Khidr said, "How can you be patient for something that you do not have enough knowledge about it?"
Al-Khidr is a servant who was given by God's grace and the knowledge of His will. Moses continued to run with him and saw Al-Khidr had perforate the boat. Then Moses said, "Did you make a breach in order to drown its passengers?" The next story has been mentioned in Surat Al-Kahf.
Moses was surprised at his actions, until Al-Khidr explained to him the causes of the deeds done that. At the end of his talk, Al-Khidr said, "It is not I do it my own accord. So it is a description of actions that you can not be patient over it." That is, all the action was merely because the will of Allah SWT.
Some people have said about al-Khidr, "He lived after Moses until the time of Jesus, then the time of the Prophet Muhammad, he is still alive, and will live until Doomsday."
People write stories, histories and myths that Al-Khidr meet So and so and put kirqah (clothing) to So and so and give a message to So and so.
Totally unfair opinion that said that Al-Khidr still alive, as the notion some people-but on the contrary, there are the arguments from the Qur'an, Sunnah, and ijma sense among the scholars of this Ummah that Al-Khidr is gone .
I consider it simply by quoting from the book Al-Manaarul Muniif Haditsish Saheeh wa fil-Da'eef essay adh Ibn al-Qayyim. Ibn al-Qayyim mentions in the book rahimahullah characteristics of maudlu hadith, which is not acceptable in religion. Among the character is "the traditions which told of al-Khidr and his life."Everything is a lie. None of the saheeh hadith.
Among maudlu hadith is the hadith that reads, "That the Prophet was in the mosque, when he heard talk of it toward the back. Then he saw, it turns out he was Al-Khidr."
Also the hadith, "Al-Khidr and Ilyas met every year." And hadith, "Gabriel, Michael and Al-Khidr met at Arafat."
Ibrahim al-Harbi was asked about the age of Al-Khidr long and that he was still alive. Then he replied "It is not anyone put this understanding to the people, except the devil."
Imam Bukhari was asked about al-Khidr and Ilyas, are both still alive? So he replied, "How did that happen?" The Holy Prophet has said, "It is not going to live until a hundred years for people who are on this earth." (Bukhari, Muslim).
Many other priests who when asked about it, then they respond by using the Koran as the proposition: "We do not make eternal life for a human being before you (Muhammad), then if you die, whether they be eternal?" (Surat al-Anbiyaa ': 34).
Syekhul rahimahullah Islam Ibn Taymiyah was asked about it, he replied, "If Al-Khidr is alive, surely he must come to the Prophet and strive with him, and learn from it."
If Al-Khidr is human, then he will not be eternal, because it rejected Glorious Qur'an and the Sunnah of the holy. If he were alive, surely he came to the Prophet SAW. Prophet has said, "By God, if Moses were alive, surely he would follow me." (Ahmad).
If Al-Khidr a prophet, then he is not more mainstream than Moses. And if a guardian, is not it more important than Abu Bakr RA. Is the lesson so that it lives up to now, as the opinion of those who, in the vast desert, desert and mountains? For what hath syar'iyah or nonsensical behind this?
Those have always loved the stories magical and fantastic tales.They describe it according to their wishes, while the result of imagination, their use as religious clothing. This story was distributed among some ordinary people and they consider it comes from their religion, but not from religion altogether. Saga-saga told on Al-Khidr is a human invention and are not revealed by God to go against it.
As to the question, whether he is a prophet or a guardian? The scholars have different opinions about it. It seems more appropriate al-Khidr was a prophet, as stated in the noble verse of Surat Al-Kahf, "... and I do not own accord ..." (Surat al-Kahf: 82).
Those words are the arguments that he did it based on the commandments of God and His revelation, not from himself.More precisely Al-Khidr was a prophet not a guardian.

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