Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mosque evicted, Hui Muslim Prayer in the Upper Building Rubble

Mosque evicted, Hui Muslim Prayer in the Upper Building Rubble

 Jin Haitao must accept the fact that the mosque was the place of worship should be forcibly evicted by the police of China, 30 December. Now, he and Hui ethnic groups, the Muslim majority, must worship in the ruins of the mosque building because the floor was covered in blood after the clash.

Jin Haitao also have lost the villagers in the region Ningzia. "Our villagers were affected, including two elderly women, two men from neighboring villages and a young man. "We just want to practice in accordance with religion, but local authorities do not allow it," said Jin Haitao, AFP reported.

Jin Haitao also continue. Village residents also received a complaint from a neighboring village that telephone connections were cut off in the Village Taoshan so it can not figure out what really happened. "More than 100 people listed as missing.

Many residents who were injured due to violence perpetrated by the police. Police also used water cannons to block its citizens, "he said

Not only is Jin Haitao who experience profound sadness, a resident Taosan unnamed relatives have lost as many as five people, including one of his brothers believed to have died. "I purposely avoid these clashes, but it clashes to take its toll," he said.

Three kilometers from the mosque building, a small business owner in Tongxin, says concerning the current perkampungannya police surrounded. "This is ridiculous, I am a Muslim and Muslim mosques need. They are just ordinary people who come together for religious purposes, not to overthrow the Communist Party government," he regretted that the incident occurred.

Earlier, hundreds of Muslims in southern China clashed with police in order to maintain mosques demolished. As a result of eviction, according to Hong Kong media reports and local residents, Tuesday (3 / 1), several people were killed.

Violent Clashes Reported in China Over Mosque Demolition

Residents of a village in northwestern China where hundreds of Muslims tried to defend a mosque against demolition by the authorities have said that many civilians were injured when police attacked and that at least two might have been killed, according to news agency reports on Tuesday.

The clash took place on Friday in Ningxia Province, when villagers near the town of Hexi surrounded a mosque to try to prevent officials from razing it. Officials had said the mosque was built illegally.

Witnesses said police armed with batons and water cannons then tried to beat back the protesters. The Muslims were ethnic Hui, the largest ethnic minority in China that practices Islam.

Many Hui live in northwestern China, though they have also spread to other parts of China to do business. Members of China’s other ethnic minorities, including Uighurs, Tibetans and Mongolians, have engaged in recent years in violent confrontations with ethnic Han. Many members of those minorities assert that the Han, who rule China, discriminate against them.

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