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Treasure In The Hand blessing Salih

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Treasure In The Hand blessing Salih
The benefits of a clean and lawful property in the hands of righteous men very much. Like a palm tree that does not leave the slightest, but entirely beneficial to humans, so there is no reason for a Muslim who wants to achieve a happy life in this world and hereafter to laze around and sit on my hands.

With the affluent life, studying to be easy, worship becomes smooth, socializing becomes easy, hang out more beautiful, more successful preaching, settle down and do good deeds the more stable the more formidable.
Therefore, the property in the hands of a believer is not going to turn into a means of destruction of life and social order as well as the destroyer of family happiness.

Property in the hands of a Muslim could serve as a means of balancing the worship, and adhesive connection with the creature. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "favors good fortune is owned by a righteous man." The property will be the energy that emits a bright future, a force that contains a variety of virtues and the glory of the afterlife, and the drive wheels da'wah and jihad in Allah's way.

Allah says: Those who spend their wealth night and day, secretly and openly, then they get a reward from his Lord. There is no fear come upon them and not (also) they grieve.

Law Request-Request (Begging) According to Islamic Shari'ah
When we discuss about the phenomenon of beggars from the spectacles of wisdom, law, and justice, then we must divide the beggar into two groups:

First: The beggar who really need help. In real terms (real life) that there are the beggars are really in a state of suffering because they have to face the difficulties of daily foraging.

Most of them are precisely the people who still have pride and want to preserve his honor. They do not want to ask the other person by way of urging her pleading.
Or they feel embarrassed bearing the title of a beggar who is considered to have damaged the good name of religion and disturbing ethical values ​​and traditions violate the surrounding community.

Second: The fake beggars who play smart play and trickery. In addition to knowing the secrets and tricks of begging, they also have the expertise and experience can be misleading (obfuscate) the public perception, and choose a strategic gaps.In addition they also have a variety of dynamic patterns of begging, such as how-to attract sympathy and compassion of others who were targeted.

Prompts Looking for Livelihoods And A Preacher Can not Rely To (Mad'u) disciple
To meet its needs, a Muslim must try to make a living the halal.With a living, she can feed herself and her family.

With a living, he also can provide benefits to others. A Muslim must not depend on others. Because living with others is dependent on humiliation.
And the life of the efforts of others is despicable. Allah and His Messenger encourage Muslims to try and work. Whatever type of job for halal, it is not reprehensible.
The prophets and apostles are also working and trying to support themselves and their families. Thus it is the glory, because of the hard-earned meal itself is respectable and enjoyable, while the outcome of an effort to eat from other people is a humble life.Therefore, Islam encourages us to try, and should not expect to humans.

Hope is only obliged directed to God alone. It is Allah that gives sustenance to all creatures. If we've tried as much as possible, God willing, God will give it sustenance as a bird, which came out of the nest morning hungry, then in the afternoon to go home in a state of satiety.

Leave Work Batil

Know someone who ate forbidden treasure, their lives will not be calm and happy. Prayer that he prayeth will rejected.

Rasulullah has mentioned a story. That is a man who had traveled far, until the situation becomes wrinkled and dusty, then he tipped his hand toward heaven as he prayed "O Rabbi, Rabbi yes," but food is unlawful, his drink unlawful, his clothing unlawful, nourished from the unlawful. So, how could his prayers be answered?!.

Therefore, remember to reckoning, retaliation and punishment in the afterlife. The perpetrators will kezhaliman bankruptcy in the hereafter.

Although he brings so many rewards gathered when in the world, but the rewards have been successful he collected while in the world, will be transferred to people who had him zhalimi.
If a reward has been exhausted while kezhaliman that he did not yet covered, then the sins of the people who he zhalimi transferred to him, so he was burdened with the sins of the people who he zhalimi, so that he was bankrupt without merit.And finally cast into hell fire. Wal 'iyyadzu billah.

Caliph Umar Anhu People Facing Difficulties
Umar radi 'anhu quick response and follow up this report. He immediately gave away food and money from the Baitul Mal to food warehouses and empty treasury total.
He also forced himself to eat no fat, milk and foods that can make the fat until it passes a bad season. If it had always served the bread and milk fat, so at this time he only ate oil and vinegar.
He just sucked the oil, and never satisfied with the food. Until skin color Umar radi 'anhu turned black and his body emaciated, and feared he would fall ill and weak. This condition lasted for 9 months.
After that things changed back to normal as usual. Finally, the population had fled, could go back to their homes. Umar radi 'anhu always control the people in Medina during this peceklik.

Umar radi 'anhu did not find anybody laughing, or talking in the house as usual. Umar radi 'anhu did not also find people who beg.

She asked him why, then there is someone who said to him: "They've asked but no one can be given, eventually they no longer ask. While they are really in a sad state and the very poor, so that they could no longer talk or laugh. "

Policy Alaihi Wa Sallam Messenger of Allaah Finalising Poverty In The Emigrants
At the time of Ignorance, the Arabs greatly influenced by the way of thinking and Jewish economic system. In the economic field, the Jews were running the system of usury. They are very adept in this regard and always do it in every place, including at Mecca and Medina.
After Islam came, creed bonding change this system into a system of brotherhood, mutual help and mutual help. Islam strongly emphasizes the Muslim brotherhood in strengthening the integrity of society, especially in the economic field.
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has always stressed the importance of brotherhood in Islam and the spirit to ta'âwun (please help). For example, a brotherhood that was tied between the Ansar and the Emigrants. When the immigrants emigrated from Mecca to Medina, they face social and economic problems, related to survival, livelihood and shelter.

The immigrants did not have the capital, because all the property they had left behind. They also do not have agricultural land in Medina. Even they are also not well versed in agriculture, then, when the Ansar offered to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam share their palm groves to the immigrants, he refused.Because he was afraid of agricultural Medina declined it. Finally, the Ansar still have their gardens, but the results be shared.

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