Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Characteristics of the Islamic Religion

Characteristics of the Islamic Religion

CategoryBook: Basics of Islam

Allah Almighty guarantee happinessgloryand victory for thosewho cling to Islam and apply it in lifeboth for individuals andsociety.

  Allah Almighty says: "And Allah has promised those among youwho believe and do righteous deeds that He will indeed maketheir ruling on the earthas He has made the people before they come to powerand indeed he will establish for them the religionthat has blessed him to themand He will actually switch (state)after they are in fear of being safe through.

They (still) worship Me with not associate anything with MeAnd whoever that is (still) disbelieved after (promise), then they are the ones who rebel"

  In Islam there is a solution to all the problemsbecause theShari'ah and the foundations of his teachings include any law forany event that is not limitedIslamic law is the wisest of shari'ah in regulating all nationsthe most appropriate in providing the solution of every problemconsider the benefit of and very concerned about human rights(source: http://almanhaj.or.id)

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