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Importance of Tawheed Asma 'And Nature

Importance of Tawheed Asma 'And Nature

ByDr. Muhammad bin Khalifah At-Tamimi
www.almanhaj.or.idIndeed, including those important for a seeker of truth, before studying the sides of monotheism a detailed and detailed from Asma 'and nature, let him understand the importance of this unity, position, and specifically its role in the whole side of this religion in general.
The establishment of an understanding of the importance and magnificence of the position of Tawheed Asma 'wa nature in the minds of a Muslim, with the permission of Allah, the benefits will come back to yourself a Muslim in faith in Allah Almighty. So it can pursue this side according to the interests of the proper proportions. Similarly, can add pleasure to study, poring over and discussing the problem Asma 'wa Nature with all cabangcabangnya, where a passionate seeker of truth which increase the useful knowledge, can not ignore the issue of monotheism Asma' wa properties.
It's just very unfortunate, some people have underestimated the views and positions when he saw the urgency of this monotheism. They think that discussing this issue, no more than (just) mentioned differences conflicting opinions about which of the names and attributes of God which in admit the existence or not recognized. (According to them), his case does not exceed that and not be out of it.

Words and such opinion will not be born, except from one of two types of people. Probably from people stupid (ignorant) who did not know that in this discussion are the problems are useful and have a level of importance to understand the problem can not be ignored by a Muslim.
Or maybe, of people who deviate aqidahnya. He thought that this case does not contradict the experts believed false, that (they were), in this issue or other problems do not take shelter under the bright light of Qur'an and Sunnah. As a result, when they talk about (Asma 'wa Nature) this, (the conversation) is not out of the frame of verbal insults against the names and attributes of God, and create doubts about Asma' and the nature of these or about most of the from it.
Therefore they are reluctant to understand it. Moreover, explained the discussion contained therein, in the form of the role and position in aqeedah a Muslim and his faith to God
In order to guide the seekers of truth and teach those fools who neglect, and invite those who deviate, as well as a reminder back to the learned man, then we write this subject, which suggests some of which contained within this unity, namely in the form faidah and privileges-privileges. May God give benefits with this paper to the person willing to mentelaah and studying it.
So with taufiq God, and unto Him I begged for help as well as the truth, I put forward a summary of what I want to say on poinpoin the following:
Tawhid ASTHMA 'PROPERTIES WA CHAPTER IS HALF OF FAITH TO GODFor a Muslim, it is very clear the importance of faith in God.Because, these pillars are pillars of faith first, even the biggest.The pillars in others to follow him and branches thereof. That goal was created beings, descended the books, and sent forth the apostles, and the religion is built on it. Thus, faith in God is the principle of all virtue and a source of guidance and happiness for all.
That is, because human beings are created and maintained, all science and charity return (dependent) to the creator and pemeliharanya. From it was the clue, do good for Him, and unto Him will be restored. Humans can not be free from him. Turn away from Him, it means destruction and ruin itself.
A servant will not inherit goodness nor happiness, but by getting to know his Lord and worship Him. When he did that so that, then that pleases peak, ie it was created for Him. As for other than that, perhaps a major and beneficial, or virtues that no benefits, or an additional harm. Hence, the call of the apostles to his community is (called) to believe in Allah and worship Him. Each apostle began his preaching of it, as (be) known from the history of preaching of the apostles described in the Qur'an.
To have happiness and safety as well as luck, that is with the realization of monotheism which is built on faith in God. And to realize them, (then) God sent a messenger. That's what the apostles preached, from the first (Noah) to the last one (Muhammad).
First: That monotheism 'ilmi khabari i'tiqadi al. Includes determination of the properties of the perfection of God and sanctified from all resemblance and equalization, and purify the despicable traits.
Second: That is to worship Him alone, not menyekutukanNya and purifying love of Him, and Him mengikhlaskan khauf feelings, the king ', tawakal against Him and accepting Him as your Lord, the god and guardian. Does not make Him a rival in any case.
God has gathered two types of monotheism in Surat al-Ikhlas and Al Kafirun. Surat Al Kafirun include ilmi khabari iradi and Al Ikhlash also includes ilmi khabari monotheism.
In the letter al Ikhlash condition that must be owned of God, which is a perfect properties. Also confirms what is mandatory purified from Him, that is a despicable traits and resemblance. As for Al Kafirun letter, explaining the necessity of worship only Him, not menyekutukanNya and innocent of all the worship to other than it.
One of the two above unity will not happen, unless accompanied by the other monotheistic. Therefore, he often read these two letters in the Sunnah prayer Fajr, Maghrib and Witr. Since both the second letter is an opening and closing charities charity. So the beginning of the afternoon (starting) with monotheism and covered with monotheism. [1]
Thus, half of the (partial) monotheism is required of a servant, and half were Tawheed Asma 'wa properties.
Tawhid ASTHMA 'AND NATURE, SCIENCE IS AN ABSOLUTE AND IMPORTANT THAT NOBLETruly noble a science, depending on the content of science itself, because the level of one's belief in the arguments and the evidence of the existence. Besides it is very necessary science content understandable and very beneficial when understood.
No doubt, that something of the most glorious, most glorious and most great thing to know is about God. Essence is nothing right to be worshiped except Him, the Lord of the universe, the Sustainer of the heavens, the Great King who Haq, which is attributed with all the attributes of perfection. Essence of the Most Holy of all the shortcomings and flaws, Glory of the similarity and the similarity in perfection. So there is no doubt that mengilmui the names and attributes his actions and deeds is the greatest knowledge and foremost. [2]
When it is said that science is a means for charity, he intended to practiced, and charity is the purpose of science. Though well known, the more main purpose of the facility. Thus, how the facility take precedence over the goal?
Need to be answered, each science or charitable split into two.Among them there are the means (Wasilah), and among them is the goal (ghayah). So, not all science is a means to get the others. Because the real science of God, the names and His attributes are the most precious knowledge is absolute. So this science is the science demands and wills itself. God said.
الله الذي خلق سبع سماوات ومن الأرض مثلهن يتنزل الأمر بينهن لتعلموا أن الله على كل شىء قدير وأن الله قد أحاط بكل شىء علما
God who has created seven heavens and the earth semisalnya.His command applies to him. That ye may know that Allah hath power over all things and that Allah, his knowledge really covers everything. [Ath THALAQ: 12].
God has told us, that He created the heavens and the earth, and imposed a command to him, so that His servants to know that He knows all things. So, this science as a peak (the goal) the creation of the required (to be known). Allah says:
فاعلم أنه لآإله إلاالله
Know that nothing is properly worshiped except Allah.[Muhammad: 19].
So, mengilmui the Oneness of God Almighty be a necessity, and not quite with it alone, but must be accompanied by worship Him alone, not menyekutukanNya with anything. Both are two cases prosecuted. First, to know God with namanama, properties, and hukumhukumnya perbuatanperbuatan. Second, to serve as the consequences and obligations.
So, mengilmui the Oneness of Allah Almighty be keharuasan, and not quite with it alone, but must be accompanied by worship Him alone, not menyekutukanNya with anything. Both are two cases prosecuted. First, to know God by the names, attributes, actions and laws. Second, to serve as the consequences and obligations.
So worship Him as it is required and desired, as well as mengilmui about it, because real science including major seutama-worship. [3]
Tawhid ASTHMA 'AND NATURE OF SCIENCE RELIGION ISTawhid asthma ', the nature and af'al, is the science of the most glorious, most glorious and most noble and greatest, which is ashlu (principle of) religion. All of science is to follow the science and really need it. So mengilmui about including scientific principles and beginnings. Because, whoever knows God, then it will recognize the other. And anyone who does not know his Lord, then to the other (even) he did not know better. Allah says,
ولاتكونوا كالذين نسوا الله فأنساهم أنفسهم أولئك هم الفاسقون
And thou shalt not be like the people who neglect God, and they neglect themselves. [Al Hashr: 19].
Observe this paragraph, you will get the meaning of a noble and majestic. That is, anyone who neglects himself and his personality, so he did not know the nature of himself and did not (know) the benefit of himself. Even neglecting welfare and happiness in the world and the Hereafter. Because he (has) come out of nature, for which it was created. So, because he neglects his Lord, then dilalaikanlah him from himself, in character, (neglect of) what can perfect itself and cleanse itself, and what can be happy in this life itself and akhiratnya. Allah says,
ولاتطع من أغفلنا قلبه عن ذكرنا واتبع هواه وكان أمره فرطا
And thou shalt not obey those whom We neglect her from remembering us and follow their desires, and is the situation over the edge. [Al-Kahf: 28]
Thus, given the neglect of his Lord will result in the issue goes beyond himself and his heart. So he terpalingkan of menadapatkan benefit, perfection, and what can cleanse the soul and heart. Even so it (can) heart rending and destroy it, confusing and do not know the way.
That is, the science of God is the base of all sciences. And this science is the science base of a servant of her happiness, kesempurnaanya, benefit the world and akhiratnya.
While not knowledgeable about God, will lead to ignorance of themselves, kemaslahatannya, perfection, and anything that can clean and happy himself. So to understand God, it means happiness for a servant. And the foolish against Him means the base of her misery. [4]
(The text is translated by Abu Hawari, is an excerpt from the book Mu'taqad Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama'ah As Fi Tawheed Asma 'wa As Nature, by Dr.. Muhammad bin Khalifah At-Tamimi, ed. Dar al-Hariri, Qahirah, p.. 7-13)
[Transcribed from the magazine edition of As-Sunnah Foundation Published 04/Tahun VIII/1425H/2004M Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Purwodadi Km. 8 Selokaton Gondangrejo Solo 57 183 Tel. 08121533647, 08157579296]________Footnote[1]. Astral conjunction 'Juyus Al-Islamiya Al' Ala Al Mu'athilah Ghazwi Al Jahmiyah, pp.. 35-36.[2]. Miftah Daar As Sa'adah, I/86.[3]. Miftah Daar As Sa'adah, I/178.[4]. Miftah Daar As Sa'adah, I/86.

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