Friday, January 6, 2012

Fight phobia of Islam, Muslims in the U.S. to Distribute the Holy Koran to the U.S.Members of Parliament

Fight phobia of Islam, Muslims in the U.S. to Distribute the Holy Koran to the  U.S.Members of Parliament

Washington plans for hundreds of Muslims 'long march' - walking together - to the Capitol Building. The goal, met members of parliament and urged legislators to speak out against Islamophobia and hate rhetoric.

"This event will provide an opportunity for Muslim majority districts of our representatives, to learn more about the political process and to meet with their representatives (legislators) are elected," said CAIR Executive Director Washington, Arsalan Bukhari, OnIslam reported ..

Arsalan also added, legislators must take significant action during this year, to allocate funds and provide services and assistance, for a weak Muslim societies. Long march is planned as part of the annual event, "Washington State Muslim Day at the Capitol."

about 400 Muslims were scheduled to meet with their elected representatives in dozens ini.Rencananya event, this event will be held January 16 next, and this is the largest of the other similar events.

For the legislators, they plan to give a souvenir copy of the Qur'an with English translation.

U.S. elections, world politics heats up again, and inevitably drag the Islamic phobia. One candidate withdrew before the Republican, Peter King, in a widely publicized speech that the U.S. warned of the danger radikasisasi Muslim country.

Recently, a Missouri Republican lawmakers menggambarkam, Islam as a disease, like polio. While others, calls Islam a 'occupiers' of the American environment.

A recent report by CAIR and the University of California Berkeley found that Islamophobia in the U.S. increased. A U.S. survey also revealed that the majority of Americans know little about Islam and 43 percent of Americans feel at least "a little" prejudiced against Muslims.

1.Muslim children in New York City supporting Park51.
2. A group of immigrants, most wearing fezzes, surrounding a large vessel which is decorated with the star and crescent symbol of Islam and the Ottoman Turks (1902-1913)
3. Image of Alexander Russell Webb who was the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines and a Protestant convert to Islam.
4. Drawing of Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori who was a Muslim prince from West Africa and made a slave in the United States.
5. Turkish immigrant in New York (1912)
6.Malcolm X was one of the main leaders of the Nation of Islam, until he left in 1964 and became a Sunni Muslim
7. W.D. Mohammed moved most of his followers into practising orthodox Islam
8.According to the U.S. Department of State, the largest ethnic groups of American Muslims are those of South Asian, Arab and African-American descent
9.Tucson Islamic Center, Tucson, Arizona
10.Islamic Society of Northern Wisconsin Mosque in Altoona, Wisconsin
11.Frocking ceremony for U.S. Navy's first Muslim chaplain, when Navy (rabbi) Chaplain Arnold Resnicoff attaches new shoulder boards with Muslim Chaplain crescent insignia to uniform of Imam Monje Malak Abd al-Muta Noel Jr, 1996
12.Islamic Center of Washington D.C.
13. Islamic Center of America, Dearborn, Michigan
14. Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Roxbury

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