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Masjidul Temple (Mosque In The House) Urgency And Function

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Masjidul Temple (Mosque In The House) Urgency And Function
What is meant by Masjidul stanza as stated in the title of this paper is based on the explanation Ulema place or room that is devoted and dedicated by the owner of the house as a place to do voluntary prayers and other worship-ibdah nafilah.

How does the law actually makes Masjidul temple in the house for a Muslim? Create a special place in the house as a place to run a voluntary prayer and deeds-deeds do other worship mustahab (recommended).

The scholars have discussed this discussion in the books of fiqh and hadith their work. From Umm Humaid radi anhuma, wife Humaid al-Sa'idi radi anhu, that he mendatanggi Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and said, "O Messenger of Allah, I really like the prayer (in congregation) with you".
He said, "I already know you liked the prayer with me, (but) prayers in the mosque of your house (where most in-ed) better than in the bedroom prayers, prayers in your room is better than your prayers in your house, your prayers in your house better than prayers in the mosque thy people, prayers in the mosque is better than your people in masjidku shalamu (the Prophet's Mosque) ".Umm Humaid subsequent request made mosque (place of prayer) at the far end of the house and the darkest. He made his prayers in situ until the encounter of God (death comes).

Risen, Complete Despair
There are people who, when seeing his friend get the glory, or any other science, it can only be astonished, saying to myself, how I could be like him? Or another case, someone was always pessimistic face of a job. No other reason, because according to that he was with, the work at hand was difficult.

In another reality, when a disease is whack, with only a total surrender to the disease. All day was spent in tears alone, without effort, and effort. As if hope has been closed. Or it could be in the home life of parents feel tired, when seeing the fruit of her acting up, stubborn and mischievous.
Much advice has been sought so that the child realize the importance of doing well mannered. But what say, the child was actually fighting against. He remained stubborn, naughty and sloppy.
Faced with this reality, just as parents were forced to breast stroke, be patient. However, sometimes makes it hopeless to confront this harsh reality. That's some attitude portrait keterputus-desperation, which sometimes slipped down on someone. All such pessimism should dipupus. Because, God would provide relief and a way out for those who want to try.
The difference obligatory to believe in
Men and women, by nature, Shari'ah, senses and mind, is clearly different. Either physically, values ​​and shariah provisions for each.
Why? For God Almighty has created the human species into two kinds, male and female. Both are equally entitled to inhabit the world, but according to the peculiarities of each. Both are equally entitled to jazz up the earth with the worship to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.
In this case, in general there is no difference between men and women. About tawheed, aqeedah, faith, Islam, reward and punishment. Similarly, regarding the rights and obligations of Shari'ah in general.
However, Allah Almighty has set a destiny that men are not equal to women. Starting from the physical form, gestures to its properties. In the person of any innate male physical strength is more perfect.
While in women is not as strong as men. Because women have experienced menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, child care and do their breastfeeding education for the birth of future generations. That is, why the woman created from Adam's rib Alaihissallam. So women are part of the male, the male followers and is a pleasure for men.
While men can gain the confidence to take care of the needs of women, maintain and provide a living to him and to his descendants.

Blessed are assumed Amanah

No matter how small a job if done with care complaints forced accompaniment, will undoubtedly feel like a heavy burden of the mountain.

Conversely, any heavy a job if done with full sincerity, joy and hope, will undoubtedly feels light and fun.
It's true! The responsibility of a mother is not mild. Assuming the duties and obligations which are not less Anyone can not deny, a housewife barely has time to rest.

His work always seemed to the eye never-ending. If a father can sleep soundly at night, another case with a mother. Cry baby sometimes disturb sleep at night.

The task of a woman is so universal. As a companion empress's husband, a mother, caregiver and teacher for their children, even as a servant who must always be prepared to use force.
Quite often the mothers feel tired, fatigued and take it as a crush that is so excruciating. This is the gap that used by Satan to launch the action. Bak tit for tat, the women who were weak in the faith in droves from their homes.
They tried to find solutions to the emancipation and chanted slogans demanding equal rights with men. They shut their eyes from the dangers arising from it all.
Safar Ethics

If a person traveling alone, would he not have friends who would help him if in trouble. For example, such as pain in the journey and the difficulties that need the help of others.

In the travel ban alone have wisdom for salvation of a believer. It is true, a believer must trust and rely completely on God.However, put their trust in God does not mean denying the cause.

Because asking for help to people who are present and capable of doing, allowed shariah. Prohibition Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, not mean that we absolutely depend on travel companions.
Absolutely not! However, because we are commanded to take the lead to salvation, and as a deterrent terjerumusnya the traveler into a vice or other Awliyaa '.
Therefore, as Muslims, we should understand the prohibition of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, as well as react to it correctly. A believer should be eager to follow the instructions the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. because, based on the revelation of God, the Prophet is the one that most schools of the beneficial and harmful people.

Inter-Muslim Pilgrimage

Once we understand uzlah and muamalah with other human beings, both benefit and harm, then let us able to judge which of them is better to do.
Due to the circumstances we face, not always the same.Sometimes, there are times that it requires us to uzlah and alienate themselves from the people. However, at other times, we must get out and mingle with humans for several reasons.

The best case is a mid. Problems between the Muslim pilgrimage, an issue that can not be separated from both of the above.
There are some that must be understood by the Muslim pilgrimage relating to their peers, as described in the following points. : Let selectively choose those who want to visit. Selective here, not in the sense of rich or poor. However, should they wish to visit the person is someone who is righteous, and do not like the sinner, so that they can take istifadhah by visiting them.

Do they make the pilgrimage as a forum for often out of the house, so that neglect of duty primarily in home and showcase the wealth and jewelry.

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