Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And shirk danger, Because People Who Done Shirk

And shirk dangerBecause People Who Done Shirk

CategoryBook: Basics of Islam

If the forms of worship which God syari'atkan in-palingkan of Allah Almighty or simultaneously directed to God Almighty and also to other than Himthen this is called shirk.

  Among the forms of shirk which is still believed by some Muslims, among othersAsk for a benefit to or kept out of harm(hazards) to the grave of the Prophethabibguardiansand otherclericsbernadzar and slaughtering animals for them.

  Trusting and went shamanspsychics, witches, smart people,soothsayers and the like and ask for protection to the genie.

Trusting amulets, wandstalismanimplant strengthheritage,magic itemshoroscopes, and more. Trust and use the spell, pellets, witchcraft, and others.

Shirk is the greatest immoralitykezhaliman most wrongdoersand the greatest sinwhich will not be forgiven by God Almightyif the offender dies above Shirk and Shirk did not repentOne who commits shirk is the most pervertedmost wrongdoers on earth.Allah Almighty says"... Verily allying (Godis really kezhaliman(the act violated the commandment of Godis great."

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