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Number of Person Defenders Ruler wrongdoers. Adulteryoutbreak. riba Rampant

Number of Person Defenders Ruler wrongdoersAdulteryoutbreakriba Rampant

CategoryBook: Judgement Day

Al-Imam Ahmad narrates from Abu Umaamah rahimahullah radianhu, that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said"There will be at this race at the end of time people-or he said,' It willcome out some of these people at the end of time-, they carry a whip-whip like cows, they go in the morning with the wrath of Godand come home in the afternoon with his anger"

  In the history of ath-Tabaraani in al-Kabiir: "There will be at theend of time law enforcement officers who went to the wrath of God and return to the wrath of Godthen beware that you are notinto their group."

Have come up with the threat of hell for people like this group,namely those who persecute (torture) of the Muslims for no reasonAl-Imam Muslim narrated from Abu Hurayrahrahimahullah radi anhuhe said, "Messenger of Allaah aliahi wasallam said'There are two groups of inhabitants of Hell that I'd never seen, one of which carry whips like the tails of cattle, withtheir whipping man ....

'"An-Nawawi may Allaah have mercy say," This hadith is among the miracle of the Prophet sallallaahualiahi wa sallamIndeed, it has proven what he preached by sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallamas for those who carry whips are guards who do kezhaliman ruler.(Not fair to the people) "

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