Sunday, January 8, 2012

Doomsday believers will

Doomsday believers will

Faith in the End of the day is one of the pillars of faith. The Wordof God Subahnahu wa Ta'ala, (meaning): Is not expose your faceto the east and west was a virtue, but virtue is indeed believe in Allah, the day then, angels, books, and prophets; ... and so on.

So that goodness can not be achieved except by way of the realization of faith in day Saints. For this reason, faith in the daysend had a major influence on human beings, both globally and in the hereafter.

  Faithful to the End of the day, always remember it and justify the event, will increase one's faith and piety, as the word of GodSubahnahu wa Ta'ala, (meaning): ALM. The Book (Qur'an) is nodoubt in it; guidance for those who fear Allah, (ie) those whobelieve in the Unseen, who establish worship and spend ofsustenance which We have bestowed upon them, and they arefaithful to the book (The Qur'an) which has been handed down to you and the books that have been revealed before, and they are convinced of the existence (life) hereafter.

  Those that continued to receive guidance from their Lord, andthey're the lucky ones.

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