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Danger alert Corruption

Adab category and Behavior
Danger alert Corruption
The above hadith contains essentially bans do ghulul (corruption), which is outside of the right to take property that has been established, without the permission of the leadership or the person who appointed him.
As stated in the hadeeth narrated by Buraidah radi 'anhu, that the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said: "Whoever we assign to a job, then we set the compensation (salary) for him, then what he took out of it is a treasure ghulul (corruption) ".
Ash Syaukani explained in this hadith there is the argument does not halal (haram) for workers (officers) to take out additional compensation (wages) that have been set by the person who appointed him, and what is taken out it is ghulul (corruption).

In the hadith is well above, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam delivered a global form of employment or assignment in question.

It is intended to show that the chances of corruption (ghulul) exists in every job and task, especially jobs and tasks that result in property or dealing with it.

For example, the task of collecting zakat treasure, which could be if the officer is not honest, he can hide some of which have been collected from the charity property, and not submit to the leadership of the task.

Joking According to Islamic View

Frighten a Muslim in a joke. Some people are joking with wearing something to scare his friends. For example, such as wearing a scary mask on his face, screaming in the darkness, or hide his property, or the like. Actions like this are not allowed.

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Let not any one of you take the property of his brother, both joking and serious."
Ever happens, when one of the companions of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam was asleep, someone came and picked up his whip, and hide it. Owner of the whip and even then felt afraid.
So the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "It is not lawful for a Muslim to frighten another Muslim." In essence, should not frighten a Muslim even if only for a joke, especially if earnestly.
Lied when joking. Many people with heart at will kidding, do not hesitate to lie on the grounds joking. And lying in this joke is not allowed.
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "I guarantee with a palace on the edge of paradise for those who leave the debate even though he was in the right, a castle in the middle of paradise for those who leave lies even though he was joking, and the palace in the top of heaven for the repair of a depraved ".

Fun On Stage Entertainment
Arts and entertainment world stage today are very varied.Starting from displaying religious soap opera, performing dangdut, nasyid marawis concerts, performances ketoprak, comedy, festivals manggungnya psalteries up comedians.

Overall aim to entertain the audience or spectators who are experiencing mental fatigue, tired minds and tired bodies. Even the proliferation of entertainment show (the show) on television screens aimed at entertaining the audience, finally the religious teacher and a half the artist with quirky and cute appearance, took part.

Ironically, the charge of entertainment rarely mixed in with the norms of Islam, to the amusement called islamipun much deviated from the rules of religion, even more likely to bias-free and, far from the control of the Shari'a.
Moreover, the material interests became dominant, the target profit becomes a primary consideration, and the satisfaction of the audience as a priority. So that we can be sure, any type of entertainment is not devoid of sleaze and munkar.
While the audience, the average interested in everything that smells of lust, all of which are rah-rah, and scented impressions pornography. Interludes of life to ward off boredom and tired of jokes and laughter is an innate human nature, as promiscuity and seasoning salt of life, because all people are less comfortable with the atmosphere tense and a life without humor inserts.

And next door to a Healthy Ways of Dealing with Bad Neighbors

Regarding the scope of the meaning of doing charity to neighbors, Shaykh Nazhim sultan explains: "(It is) by performing a variety of good deeds to the neighbors, according to the levels of ability, for example in the form of gift giving, say hello, smiled when he met him, observing the situation, helped in the case he needs, and stay away from all things that made her feel hurt, either physically or morally.
Neighbors of the most eligible mendapatkankan good treatment of our neighbors who are closest to our house, followed by the next neighbor is closer. 'Aisha once asked, "O Messenger of Allah, I have two neighbors. So whom should I give a gift of them both?". He replied. "To the neighbors closer to the door of her home with you".
Therefore, Imam Al-Bukhari wrote a special chapter headings in Chapter Haqqul Shahihnya Jiwar Qurbil Abwab FII (chapter nearest neighbor right door). This is an indicator of the depth of his understanding of the texts on this subject ".

Furthermore, Sheikh Nazhim explained, "Neighbors have several levels of criteria: First, Muslim neighbors who have a kinship relationship, he has 3 right at once, that is right next door, Islamic rights and the rights of kinship.

Secondly, Muslim neighbors (who have no kinship ties), then it has two rights, namely rights and the rights of Muslim neighbors.

Increase the Value of Worship A Muslim
Al-Qadhi 'Iyadh explain his words with:' Do the deeds you guys able to do it with a continuous'.

While Imam An Nawawi rahimahullah concluded from the above hadith: 'It contains suggestions for continuous in worship, and practice a bit (but) continuous practice is better than a lot but left out'.

The scholars have to maximize the power of thought to uncover the secret of why the small but continuous practice can be more noble than the principal and other amalam.
Among their testimony: Al-Qurtubi said: 'Why, deeds lightweight, can be done with continuous and vigorous hearts, so that more and more because of the occurrence of reward practice repetition is accompanied by concentration of mind.

Unlike the practice of weight, usually accompanied by disruption of concentration and causes a person to leave '.
Meanwhile, Imam An Nawawi gives the reason: 'Practice is lasting a little better than a lot of practice but drop out on the road, due to the continuous in one practice a little, bararti obedience to God is also ongoing, as well as dhikr, muraqabah, intentions, as well as his attitude keikhjlasan exposes himself to God continues.So a little but would result in a continuous-fold rather than practice a lot but left out ".

Adab Asking Permission
In the midst of today's society, still we have witnessed wrongdoing are taken for granted. Or malicious acts that are considered normal. This is reasonable, because it is still very little of the Muslim majority of people who really understand the guidance shari'ah.

A little too strong-willed people to learn and explore his religion.Among the habits that often we have seen, namely a person enters another person's house without asking permission of the owner of the house.
Or we find someone peeking into someone else's house because the owner did not answer his greeting. There are still many Muslims who consider this a trivial deeds are legitimate.

Moreover, when the owner of the home including relatives or friends close to him. They did not realize that such acts are a sin that can bring harm that is very dangerous.
The house, in essence is the hijab for a person. In it a person's usual opening genitalia. There were also matters that he felt embarrassed when other people see it.

We can not imagine, what if the eyes finally fell in the unlawful matters. Plus human nature that is easy suspicion, prejudice to each other. Will the bad consequences that can be inevitable when each individual ignorant and did not heed the guidance of religion?
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