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Women Categories: Fiqh Prayer Down Prostration, Hand Or Knee past?

Women Categories: Fiqh Prayer

Down Prostration, Hand Or Knee past?
Ibn al-Qayyim may Allaah have mercy on the Zadul Ma'ad, mentions some hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah defects (Hadith no: 1), which then it is followed by others after him!, But based on the research was not so, here's a brief refutation of it is: (1). "That the hadeeth of Wail (put your hands first) is stronger than the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah (knee put more first)". Disclaimer: Our explanation above has shown that the hadith is the hadith Da'eef Wail, while the hadeeth is saheeh hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah. (2).Hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah that the possibility matannya (text) partially reversed the narrator, since the beginning of words menyelisihi final word. Chances are true: "Let he put his knee two earlier than the two hands". As narrated in another hadith.
Disclaimer: That the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah (put the first knee) is authentic, and the rest of this hadith is contrary to Da'eef, so can not make acceptable possibilities based on the hadith which Da'eef. (3). That if the saheeh hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah, then the hadith mansukh (abolished its legal). Disclaimer: The ahaadeeth which is said to eliminate all Da'eef as above, so the statement can not be accepted.

When folded I'tidal, Prayer in the Mosque of the Prophet's grave There Yet

There are three concerns regarding this problem: First: arms folded and not folded in the same legal i'tidal, thus allowed to choose one of them. Thus it is the opinion of Imam Ahmad, and thus the Hanbali madhhab opinion. They argued, nothing in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam that clearly, so that both are allowed. Second: The arms are the Sunnah.

This is what dirajihkan Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen. Which rajih-according-Sunnah is putting his right hand over left hand cubits, because generality hadith Sahl ibn Sa'ad as-Sa'idi the authentic from the history of al-Bukhari, said: "People once commanded to put his right hand in upper left hand reeds in prayer. ". When you see the keumumunan this hadith, namely (في الصلاة) and do not represent the stand, it is clear to you that standing after bowing disyari'atkan crossed.

Because in the prayer, the position of both hands when bowing the knee is above two, when in a state of prostration on the ground, when it sits above the thighs, and (in) a state of standing-cover before bowing and after bowing `` - hand Right place at the top left hand cubits. Similarly this is true.
There are prayers Someone Cancel Due Woman Crossing The Opposite

On this basis Imam Al-Bukhari hadith categorize these in "chapter guides Prayers In Mecca And Other Places", so this hadeeth is general, so that if one woman walked among the people who are praying with a prostration, or if a woman walks in between person who was praying with a boundary, or if a woman goes on between people who are praying to the boundary, it is mandatory for those who perform prayer to repeat the prayer, unless that was praying this was a congregation who prayed behind the priest, because limiting the priest is also a barrier for those who pray behind him.

Thus allowed for a person to walk before orag who prayed behind imams and sinless.

Departure of Muslim Women Into Mosque
Allowed for a Muslim woman to perform prayers in the mosques, and for her husband should not forbid his wife if he asked permission to go to the mosque for his wife to keep a close genitalia and did not show body parts that are forbidden for strangers to see it,
based on the hadith narrated by Abdullah ibn Umar that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, bawha he said: "If your wife told you to ask permission to go to the mosque then let them". If she did not close until the visible part of her genitals that are forbidden for foreign men to see it, or she preen and use fragrance, it should not be for him to leave the house in this condition, let alone go to the mosque and praying in it.

Is it true that Women May Not Go to the mosque because they are unclean?

Given the drought for the woman who came to the mosque to perform the Friday prayers and to perform other prayers with the congregation, and for her husband should not be forbidden to do so, but the prayer of a woman in her home is better for him.

And if a woman will go to the mosque, then he must consider the ethics of Islam by using clothing to cover her nakedness, do not wear clothing that thin (transparent) or tight which can show the contours of her body, do not use perfume and do not converge in a row men, but make a separate row in the back row of men.

Shaf it true that Most Important For Women In Prayer Is The Best Back
On this detail as follows: If the women were praying in the presence of barrier curtain between them and the men then it is best to row the row at the forefront because it is feared the loss occurred between men and women.

Thus the best of female contingent is the first row as the row-row in males, because the existence of barrier curtain that can eliminate the fear of libel. This applies if there is a curtain divider between men and women. And for women too should stretch, curb and filling the front rows are empty, then the next row, as this provision applies to the rows of men. Thus, these provisions apply when there is a veil delimiter.

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