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There are no Baby Burial Tradition of Women in Islam

There are no Baby Burial Tradition of Women in Islam
Scholars in Saudi Arabia, bin Tenbak Marzouk, denied the claims of the tradition of burying a new baby girl born in the era before Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.
According to him, historians wrongly translate the verse in the Koran. Rebuttal was contained in his book entitled "The Burial of Baby by The Arab Women: Between Illusion and Reality".
In his book, Tenbak questioned the practice of burying female children after birth before the Islamic period. He also questioned whether pre-existing tradition.
"I was so surprised to know everyone believes that the burial of a baby girl is a tradition that 'determined'. This fact is an affront to the dignity of the Arabs," he said as quoted Alarabiya.net, Tuesday (10 / 1).
Tenbak explained, when he traced the origins of the practice of burying baby girls, he found the fact that the tradition does not have a clear source of history. "I'll challenge anyone to come to bring evidence of the practice of burying baby girls as many have said in the history books," he said.
According to him, the word "grave" in the Qur'an used the word refers to women. But not women specifically, but the soul. "This verse refers to bury babies born out of wedlock. Babies are meant to androgynous women or men," he explained.
Therefore, Tenbak argues, Qur'anic verse explains that a sin to kill a baby. He also said the killing of children out of wedlock as described in the Koran does not only refer to the Arabs alone, but other parts of the world. "This kind of practice apply worldwide," he said.
However, the theory developed Tenbak got a lot of criticism from academics and historians. According to them, just theory Tenbak mere assumption.
Academics Committee members are discussing the book, Saad bin Nasser Al-Shathri, assessing theories constructed in Tenbak book is not strong. "There is no evidence in the Quranic verse which describes the specific tradition of burying baby girls in the Arabian peninsula," he said.
Cleric Mohammed al-Najimi assess Tenbak theory makes sense. Because, not only Arabs who perform the practice. "To a certain side, scholars do not agree. However, this issue open for discussion," he said.
Before releasing the book, Tenbak also had sparked controversy in Saudi Arabia. At that time, he said the shop owners do not need to close down during prayer time arrives. According to him, Islam gives relief to the Muslims who work.
He also threw another controversial statement. According to him.Saudi Arabia needs to implement secularism. Therefore, secularism protects human dignity.

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