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In the early days of Islam, the Muslim community is not exposed to philosophy. However by the 3rd century, Islamic scholars began to pay attention to the questions and thoughts related to falsafah.Pada the early advent of Islam, the Muslim community is not exposed to philosophy.

Basic to the philosophy pioneered by Muslim scholars, Islamic teachings based Kalima aims to boost confidence and devotion of the Muslims.
In contrast to Greek philosophy focused on finding the truth based on reason and logic alone, adding to the confusion and disorder that is not berpanjangan.Aliran philosophy in Islam is not just limiting the trial to the question related to the metaphysics of God and of nature.

But also include a discussion related to moral values, community, and humanity. Although philosophers have stamped by the Imam al-Ghazali as those led astray, but the development philosophy that has helped to resolve the various questions of religious, economic, political, social, cultural and other fields.

Revelation is not contrary to reason. Through the resultant revelation and reason as digested by Muslim scientists have succeeded in helping lay a solid foundation stone for the construction of Islamic civilization. As such, Muslims are encouraged to seek and acquire knowledge even up to China.
Guidance given by Islam has given a kind of motivation to Islamic scholars to continue to dig and learn a variety of knowledge either in the east or barat.Salah is a scientist Al Biruni or its original name Abu al-Raihan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni. He was born in 362 AH (973 M) diBirun, capital Khawarizm or better known as Turkistan. The earliest teacher was Abu Nasr Mansur ibn ibn Iraqin Alt who is also a specialist mathematics and nature.

Interest and inclination to learn and expand the dimensions of knowledge has led to Al-Biruni traveled to India. But while in India, Al-Biruni was conquered by Sultan Mahmood al-Ghaznawi.
After realizing keilmuwannya he was assigned at the palace as one of the scholars. The opportunity is exclusively used by Al-Biruni to learn Sanskrit and other languages ​​in India. There he took the opportunity to recognize Hinduism and Indian philosophy. As a result he has written several books that have links with the Indian community and culture Hindu.Dalam the writings, he stated that the concept of Hinduism based on the transformation that has similarities to the testimony in Islam Tawheed and the trinity in Christianity.

Prison walls do not become an obstacle to the Al-Biruni to continue to demand and produce great works in various fields.Contribution to knowledge and a great Indian civilization. The most important contribution was the creation methods use the figures to find the size of India and study the Earth using mathematical calculations.
He has also managed to produce a register that contains the map and the position of mothers in the country in dunia.Semasa prisoners, Al-Biruni also used throughout the space and opportunity to establish relations between Baghdad high school scientists and Islamic scholars India who lived in the court of Mahmud al Ghaznawi.
After his release, he has written a book called the Book Tahdid al Nih-verse Amakin Lita'shih al Masafat al Masakin. In addition, he co-founded an astronomy research center of the solar system that has helped the development of astronomical studies in the years ahead.

Research in science, mathematics, and geometric had to solve many problems that can not be solved previously.

Mastery of the various areas of knowledge and has caused him to be cited as the "Teacher fil Ulum" or teacher of all knowledge.His writings on the history of Islam has been translated into English with the title "Chronology of Ancient Nations".

There are other books written by Al-Biruni published in Europe and saved the best at the Museum Escorial, Spain. In all hidupnya.Al-Biruni has produced more than 150 books, including a list of studies containing 138 titles.
Among the books is Al-Jamahir fi al-Jawahir that of precious stones; Al-Athar al-Baqiah related to the effects of long history and remains of Al-fi al-Tibb Saidalah, about drugs. This paper is said to be his last before he passed away at the 1048M.

Al-Biruni, not only to master the Sanskrit language well, but also Hebrew and Syria. He has extensive knowledge of Greek philosophy made him a great scholar who was born in the Muslim world. Al-Biruni had proven that the combination of philosophy and science has enabled religion to survive and grow lush and help solve problems faced by the people.

Philosophical thinking is not purely based on imagination and logic games, but based on studies done empirically. Expertise in Islamic knowledge can not be disputed because of young age again he has produced a monumental work entitled al baqiya Kitabul Afternoon 'Anil Quran al Khaliya.

Prior to India, Al-Biruni is often a relationship with Ibn Sina. The situation is evidence of the recognition of other Muslim scholars of leadership qualities and scholarly. That would make him a versatile Islamic philosophy with the contribution that has been of great benefit to mankind.
At the same time, Al-Biruni also prove that the philosopher is not the perverse and living in the clouds. Instead, they were the scientists who need to be certified. The role and position in the great Islamic civilization and the civilization of mankind.

Indeed, the emergence of Al-Biruni, as the leader renowned scientists have raised the dignity of philosophers continue to be given a variety of stigma and labels that are negative and changed its rightful role played by the philosopher himself.

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