Saturday, December 17, 2011

Do not Take a Science of Expert Bid'ah (no basis in the Qur'anand the Hadith)

Do not Take a Science of Expert Bid'ah (no basis in the Qur'anand the Hadith)

People who intend to seek knowledge of truth must consider from whom he takes sciencesDo not take knowledge from expertsheretical religionbecause they will misleadeither consciously orunconsciously.

  So this will drive her to the brink of collapse. Shaykh Muhammadibn Saalih al 'Uthaymeen t statedthat in order to achieve the science there are two roadsFirstScience is taken from reliablebooks, written by scholars who have known the level of their expertisetrustand their aqeedah net from a wide range ofheresy and superstition (fairy tales; ignorance).

  Take knowledge of the contents of the bookssurely someone will come to a certain degreebut on this road there are twoobstaclesThe first obstacle, takes a long and severe suffering.The second obstaclehis knowledge is weakbecause it is notbuilt on the rules and principles.

SecondScience is taken from a teacher who trusted in his science and his religionThe road is faster and more robust to gain knowledge.

  However deserve pityin this age we see the phenomenon oftaking knowledge from the experts heresy rife everywhereeven though the act was strongly opposed by the Salaf.

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