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Do not Let Your Heart Suffer Because Hasad

Do not Let Your Heart Suffer Because Hasad

In essence, these diseases lead to the patient is not pleased with qadha 'and Qadr Allah Almighty, as the words of Ibn al-Qayyim may Allaah have mercy: "Verily, the nature of envy is part of a stand against God Almighty, because he (making the patient) hate to delicious Allah Almighty for His servants; when Allah Almighty wants is for her favors.

Hasad also made him happy with the loss of such favors from his brother, but God hates k if it lost favor of his brother. Thus, it is essentially opposed to making up those envy 'and Qadr Allah Almighty.' Disease is frequently encountered among fellow sejabatan friends, profession, arms, or equivalent. Therefore, there is not infrequently found that office workers to a friend sekantornya envy, envy to the artisan craftsman meatballs meatballs other, envy teachers to teachers, scholars worship or religious scholars Ustadz or equal to envy him.
Envy is rarely found in people who are different from the position and rank, like a meatball vendor hasad to clerics or pedicab driver to Ustadz envy, although it does not deny the possibility of the occurrence.
Hasad disease should be shunned by every Muslim, because madharatnya very large, especially for the patient either Awliyaa 'from the religious side as well as his world. Do not we remember, why the devil cursed by Allah Almighty?

And doubtful disease: lust

Syaithan is the real enemy of mankind. He always tried to plunge into the abyss of human infidelity, heresy and immorality.

In carrying out its action was syaithan have two powerful weapons that have been eating a lot of casualties. Two guns were doubtful and lust.
Two diseases that attack the human heart and damaging behavior. Doubtful meaning vague, vague, or unclear. Liver disease that afflicts doubtful someone would destroy science and faith. Thus be "doing good case to be vague with munkar, then that person does not know that doing good and not deny munkar.Even the possibility of this disease hang of it until she believed that ma'ruf as munkar, the unjust as a ma'ruf, the Sunnah as a heresy, a heresy as the Sunnah, al-Haq as a falsehood, and falsehood as al-haq ".

The disease is doubtful for example: doubt, hypocrisy, heresy, infidelity, and other heresy. Lust means taste, desire, desire, or love.
While slander lust (lust follow disease) is to follow what is liked by heart / passion that comes out of the limits of shari'ah.Defamation lust will cause damage to the intention, will and actions of people who hit this disease.
This lust diseases such as: greedy of wealth, greed of power, like the popular, look for praise, love matters vile, adultery, and various other disobedience.

Rule-Rule Tibbun Nabawi

God created creatures to worship and submit to Him. God created it consists of soul and body. Allah revealed to them the laws syar'i, and loads of worship that can maintain their body and spirit.

God has also been issued for their food-good food, so that their body health is maintained. Allah says: O ye who believe, eat among the good fortune that we have given you, and thank God, if it is really only to God you worship. So it's good food is food that is beneficial.

While something that is dirty and unclean is a poison that kills.Therefore, God justifies for human food is good and forbid khaba'its (evil things). God said. : And God justifies for them all the good and forbid evil things for them. And this, among the biggest goal coming of the Prophet.

Our Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alayhi wa salam is the person who most wants the good and the apostle most dear to God's creatures, especially to his people-

Malpractice According to Islamic Sharia

Malpractice derived from the word 'malpractice' in English.Literally, 'mal' meaning 'wrong', and 'practice' means 'implementation' or 'action', so that malpractice means 'conduct or action is wrong'.

Thus, malpractice is wrong in the implementation of a profession. This term can be used in various fields, but more often used in medicine and health.
This article will only highlight the medical malpractice around the world alone. Please note that the error-doctor or other professionals in medicine and health-sometimes associated with the ethics / morals.
For example, says that patients should be operated, but not so.Radiographs or manipulate data in order to take advantage of the operations performed. If an error is proven and endanger the patient, physicians should be ethically accountable.

The penalty can be ta'zir, indemnity, diyat, to Qisas. Malpractice is also sometimes associated with the discipline of medical science. This type of error that would have portion further in this paper. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure fair rules and tranquility for the patient at the same time provide comfort for healthcare professionals in the works. Of Shari'a Islam as a perfect end-time has been set it all up

Ruqyah The Wrong

Often the case the communication with the genie and asking him questions about many issues. Neither the name, age and beliefs.People are too easy to believe. This phenomenon will only lead men into destruction and violation. The people seemed to forget that the genie is not the source talaqqi science.

For kedustaanlah which dominates the genie lunge. This is based on the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to Abu Hurayrah: "He (now) be honest with you, but he is a liar creature". Practice as above an element of a violation of the instructions of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

Shaykh Al-Albani said: In the past, the people who handle ruqyah before a trance, just handled a few individuals who are not righteous by the number of lots. Whereas now, there were hundreds of people.

Even includes a set of women mutabarrijah (dandy). As a result of this practice deviates from its status as a means of treatment syar'i - which is only done by the experts-turned into a phenomenon and the means of life are not known Shari'a nor medical science as well. Instead I think including the practice dajl (lie) and the devil whispers to his enemy, the human

Correct Procedures Ruqyah

Ruqyah not alternative medicine. Instead it should be the first choice of treatment when the disease struck a Muslim. As a means of healing, ruqyah existence should not be underestimated.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah may Allaah have mercy said: "Verily, deeds are concerned with including a major. Concerned with including the habits of the prophets and righteous people.The prophets and righteous men constantly fending off the demons of the children of Adam with the dictates of Allah and His Messenger ". Because of the importance of healing with ruqyah so, then every Muslim should know the correct procedure, so that when doing ruqyah not deviate from the rules syar'i. Is ruqyah applies only to the diseases mentioned in the texts or illness in general?

In the hadiths that talk therapy ruqyah, diseases mentioned is the influence of an evil eye ('ayn), the spread could be poison (humah) and disease namlah (humah). In connection with this problem, Imam An Nawawi said in Sharh Saheeh Muslim: "I mean, ruqyah not mean only allowed on the three diseases. But the point that he was asked about three things, and He allow it.

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