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Ibn Haitham

Ibn Haitham

Islam is often given as a religious picture rnundur more regressive. It also said not to encourage his people to claim and control the various fields of knowledge. Statement and the indication given is not only not true but contrary to the actual historical reality.
History has shown how the Islamic world has produced many scholars and scientists are quite wonderful in the field of philosophy, science, politics, literature, society, religion, medicine, and others. One of the features observed at the leading Islamic scholars is that they are not only able to master knowledge at a young age, even in a short time to learn some field of knowledge simultaneously.
Although the best known figures in science and medicine, but he also has expertise in the field of religion, philosophy, and, for example. One of these figures is the real name of Ibn Haitham Abu All Muhammad al-Hassan ibn al-Haytham.

Among intellectuals in the West, he was known as Alhazen. Ibn Haitham was born in Basra in the year 354H is equivalent to 965 AD. He began his early education in Basra before the appointed government officials in her hometown. After some time working with the authorities there, he decided to travel Ahwaz and Baghdad. Abroad he had to pursue their studies and concentrate on writing.
Love of knowledge led him to migrate to Egypt. While there he took the opportunity to do some research on the flow and drainage of the Nile, and copy the books on mathematics and astronomy. The aim is to get the money remuneration in the period of study at Al-Azhar University. The results of that effort, he has become a very proficient in science, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, medicine, and philosophy. Writing on the eyes, has become one of the important references in the field of scientific study in the West. In fact, studies on the medical point became the basis of modern medical studies on the eyes.
Ibn Haitham is a scientist who likes to do research. Research on the light inspired Western scientists such as Boger, Bacon, and Kepler invented the microscope and telescope. He was the first to write and find a variety of important data about the light.Several books on the light which he wrote has been translated into English, among them the Twilight Phenomena of Light and On. Extensive research and debate about the twilight halo around the moon and the sun and shadow and the shadow of the eclipse.
According to Ibn Haitham, the light of dawn begins when the sun is 19 degrees in the horizontal line of the east. Red in the evening will be lost when the sun is on the line 19 degrees west horizon. In his study, he also managed to produce the light as light refraction and reflection of light. Ibn Haitham also experimenting on the glass and from there terhasillah baked theory of magnifying lenses. The theory has been used by scientists in Italy to produce the first magnifying glass in the world. Even more amazing is the Ibn Haitham discovered the principle of the air volume by a scientist named Trricella know that 500 years later.

Ibn Haytham also discovered the existence of Newton's gravitational pull before Issaac know. In addition, Ibn Haitham's theory of the human soul as a string feeling in an orderly row inspired scientist to produce a motion picture. His theory has led to the discovery of the film which is then connected in a row and played to the audience as we watch today. Besides science, Ibn Haitham also has written on philosophy, logic, metaphysics, and questions related to the religious. He also wrote reviews and summaries of the papers earlier scholars.
Writing a lot of focus on the philosophical aspects of the truth in the matter of the dispute. It disputes and disputes on any matter arising from the approach used in the Tell. He also holds that truth is only one. Because of all reasonable doubt the truth claims in assessing all the existing views. So, his views on philosophy is interesting to highlighted.

For Ibn Haitham, philosophy can not be separated from mathematics, science, and divinity. These three areas and branches of knowledge should be controlled and to conquer one must use the full time youth. As age increases, the physical and mental strength will also decline. Ibn Haitham to prove his view when he was very excited to find and learn more knowledge on the young. To date he has successfully produced many books and articles. Among his books include:
Al'Jami 'fees al'Hisab proposition that theories of knowledge and metametik metametik the analysis;Wa al-Tahlil al'Tarkib on knowledge of geometry;Book ai'masa Tahlil ^ il al 'Adadiyah of algebra;Simat al'Qiblah Maqalah Istikhraj fees that explores the Qiblah for the whole region;
Llaih Tad'u M.aqalah firms on the use of geometry in the business of Islamic law andLeaflet Sina'at al-Syi'r fees on the technique of writing poetry.Contribution of Ibn Haitham to science and philosophy are many.That is why Ibn Haitham, known as a materially poor but rich in knowledge. Some of the views and opinion is still relevant until today.
However, another part of his work was "stolen" and "taken out" by Western scientists without proper tribute to him. Indeed, the west should thank Ibn Haitham and scholars of Islam, because without them the possibility of the European world is still shrouded in darkness. Ibn Haitham study has provided a platform for the development of science and at the same time his writings on philosophy of mind has proven the authenticity of Islamic scholars in the fields that are no longer plagued by the thought of Greek philosophy.

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