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Condoms (Qada and Qadar)

Condoms (Qada and Qadar)
Condoms are one of the tenets of faith that must be reliable and diimani by every Muslim. Clarification on this Condoms are spoken in the scriptures of the faith and a lengthy discussion and sometimes very difficult to be understood by most people, especially for those new to set foot in depth discussion of faith knowledge.
Certainly this belief needs to send a clear explanation. The scholars say that it would not be at all to the question of faith bertakliq. I hope that this brief paper will provide a perfect understanding of readers on this question of Condoms. God willing.
Condom means of implementation. As Qadar means sukatan.Terbagi into two parts, namely: Condoms and Condom Muallaq Mubram.
Condoms Mubram: It is the decree of the Almighty, that must have occurred and can not be blocked by anything. (Example: Death would be imminent). Almighty Allah says:
And in the sight of Allah all the keys of all the unseen.(Surah al-Anaam: verse 59).
Condoms Muallaq: It is conditions that do not necessarily occur even dependent on things. (Example: The length of the age depends on the ties of kinship and other good deeds). S.A.W. Prophet means:
Not deductible Qadar of Allah except prayer. And no one can prolong life but to make good to the parents.
(Narrated Hakim, Ibn Hibban and Tirmizi).

Both types of qada on this in the knowledge of Allah. Almighty Allah says:And in the sight of Allah all the keys of all the unseen.(Surah al-Anaam: verse 59).
All acts of slaves was known by God Almighty through His knowledge in knowledge. Only it is hidden and unknown to the poor slaves. That is why we are asked to always seek and obey Him because we do not know what will happen to us later.
THE NATURE obedience
Among the forms of devotion is to pray to God Almighty. With a servant's pray he will feel weak and wish or need to Allah Ta'ala.Almighty Allah says:
And when My servants ask thee concerning me, then (answer) that I was close. I answer the prayer of the suppliant when to pray, then let them respond to (the commandments) and I let them believe in Me so that they will be righteous.(Surat al-Baqara, verse 186).
S.A.W. Prophet means:
Prayer is the worship of the brain.(Narrated by at-Tirmizi).
Having noted that all efforts and prayers of the slaves will be heard and taken into account by Allah, so that the slave seseoarang need to constantly strive and pray. But all these efforts and prayers, of course, in the power and knowledge of Allah Ta'ala. That is why there is stated that people just trying to pray but Allah doth ordain. Because people do not know qada and qadarnyalah, people need to work and prayer. Almighty Allah says:
Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their own.
(Surat ar-Rad: verse 11).
Needs Condoms concept in Islam is:
- Menisbahkan to God Almighty for everything that happens in this world.
- Belief that only God Almighty, who has absolute power to determine matters in this world.
- Sensitizing that people are weak and need the help of Allah.
- Condoms wisdom concealed from the knowledge that the slave is a slave is always to try and obey him.
Reminders of the Hadith evidence below can remind us of the dangers of questioning and discussion of longitudinal-stretched Condoms without a reason. That is why most of the noise we are trying to avoid getting teachers from talking about this Condoms at length, especially to the public.S.A.W. Prophet means:When called about Qadar then be quiet ...(Narrated by Tabarani and Abu Nuaim).
As Muslims we believe is required to believe and ask for Condoms. All that happens is from God Almighty, everything. We can only strive and pray, but God Almighty, He is the Almighty who menuntukan these things. I would like to propose that we all can learn the faith of Ahl al-Sunnah Wa al-Gamaa in greater depth and detail.

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