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TAYAMMUM is delivered or ground to dust off your face and hands with specific conditions. TAYAMMUM done to replace the ablution 'or compulsory bath (junub, menstruation and childbirth), in the absence of water or an excuse to use the water, and it is a rukhsah or dispensation granted by the Shari'ah to humans.
Disyari'atkan TAYAMMUM based on the word of God Almighty:
"And if you junub (berhadath large), then purify yourselves, and if you are ill (no water), or a journey, or one of you cometh from the closet, or ye have contact with women, but you do not get water (for ablution and bath), so you must bertayammum to land - clean of dust. "
Surah Al-Ma'idah, 5:6
All worship or practices that need to be devoted to the purification (taharah) such as prayer, touch copy, read the Quran, praying and beri'tikaf tilawah in a mosque is can be purified by TAYAMMUM in lieu of ablution and bath, because the practicethe required taharah with water is required also to TAYAMMUM.
Because enabling TAYAMMUM
The absence of sufficient water for ablution 'or bathroom.There is only enough water for drinking needs of animals allowed, even though the requirements in the near future.

Sick if exposed to water can be life threatening or limb or delay recovery.
Using the sacred dust of the earth, not musta'mal, not mixed with other things.Wipe off the face and two hands to double move.Loss of first stool.Time for prayer.Bertayammum for each worship obligatory.Some illness such as illness or absence of water.
The face.
Both hands to the elbows.
Intention when applying dust to the face.TAYAMMUM intentions are as follows:Meaning:
"Only I bertayammum to require prayer to Allah Ta` ala. "
Wipe off the face.
Sweeping both hands.The order.
Circumcision TAYAMMUM
Basmalah read the pronouncementPrecede sweeping right hand from the left and start from the bottom of the upper face when applying.
Consecutive sweeps of the face and wiped his hand.
Things TAYAMMUM Cancel
Occurred something of the things that invalidate wudhu.
See the water or get water if bertayammum the absence of water.
Apostates of Islam out of the

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