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Ibn Tufail

Ibn Tufail
Muslim world has produced many great philosophers. However, Islamic philosophy are treated as a group that lost in the history of human thought. Not surprisingly, more familiar historical figures of Greek philosophy and west than the philosopher of Islam.
While some leaders of Islamic philosophy as al-Kindi, al-Farabi, and Ibn Sina received recognition from the West, but they did not place appropriate when compared with the Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotle.
Studies on the figures are still not adequate and far from satisfactory. Although the scholars, scientists, and philosophers of Islam has resulted in a number of large works, but most of their writings have not been translated.
There were also destroyed due to the war and occupation by foreign powers. In fact, research done at the idea of ​​a number of prominent philosophers like Ibn Rushd was not given a fair assessment. Research and translation made by S. van den Berg of the book "Five Thaan al-Baida ', writings on metaphysics such as Ibn Rushd lacking wahal extensive study helps us understand and approach the philosopher's thought in more detail later.

Similarly, Ibn Tufail philosophical thinking not much is known by Muslims themselves. Ibn Tufail who was born in 1106 AD at the Asya, Granada is known as a member of the law, medicine, and politicians are reliable.
During the reign of al-Mu'min ibn Ali, Ibn Tufail, or its original name, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Abdul Malik ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn al-Qisi Tufail was appointed assistant governor of the Territory Tonjah Maghribi.Beliau Sabtah and was also physician to the ruling al-Muwahidin, Abu Ya'kub Joseph. After his retirement, his place was replaced by his students of Ibn Rushd.During his lifetime, Ibn Tufail was appointed as a minister and a politician who is respected by the government.

In addition, he also involved himself in education, justice, and writing. Although Ibn Tufail said to have written many books but only one book that is passed on to future generations of Muslims today. It is a "Hay ibn Yaqzan" which contains a general view, with an attractive style and beautiful imiginasi. This book is regarded as the most unique legacy left by a member of Islamic philosophy.
This book was later translated into various languages ​​of the world. Interesting in the book, Ibn Tufail trying to explain how human beings have the potential to know God. He said that all this can be done by making a research on the environment and surroundings.

Through the book, Ibn Tufail attempted to outline a system of philosophy based on the development of thought is in humans.He reveals the question of work and the relationship between human, mind, and God. For that, he has been using Hayibn Yaqzan characters living on an island on the equator as a mixed picture of the four key elements in the life of hot, cold, dry, and wet the soil.

Hollywood is living an isolated and able to defend their life with the help of reason and sense of leadership. Step Ibn Tufail using analog! The characters in his book is regarded as a remarkable thing in the writing of the paper in the shape falsafah.Watak never know both the parents.

But nature had given him a deer that feed and feed. Once an adult, he directed his view of things around him. Here he began to argue about the incident and secret changes happening around him.

In its natural anggapannya there behind the hidden reasons that govern and shape them. Hay bin Yaqzan always discuss and analyze a thing until he can find happiness and human misery that would depend on the relationship with God. With the character of "Hay", Ibn Tufail managed to make an interesting description helps us to understand the philosophical thinking.

The book also contains the observations of Ibn Tufail of metaphysical science, mathematics, physics, and so on. Ibn Tufail see this as a new nature and is governed by the one God, and full power. In the spirit of man is there that the source and foundation of their lives on this earth.

Philosophy of Ibn Tufail not only affect matters related to the metaphysical, but also the natural sciences such as physics. Ibn Tufail found that high levels of air is cooler and thinner than the lower layer. This is because the heat takes place on the earth rather than in space and layer udara.Beliau also found that the heat may be produced by rubbing, movement of light from either the APT or the sun.

Although this view is regarded as a usual thing today, but this view has actually set the stage for scientists to do research on the heat and all the phenomena associated with it.
Philosophical thought of Ibn Tufail also covers matters relating to the community. He described most of the community consists of members who are lazy. Thus, they are easy terpengaruhi and following the foot steps to come with existing values, without memperbahaskannya.

Ibn Tufail lived almost a contemporary of Ibn Bajjah. So why is he likely to accept the view of Ibn Bajjah philosophy, al-Farabi, and several other Islamic philosophers well. According to some researchers and thinkers, Ibn Tufail is greatly influenced by the philosopher Ibn Bajjah as can be seen in the middle of the book bin Yaqzan Hay was bringing the recommendations contained in the book "al-Mutawwahid".

In the book, Ibn Bajjah have committed defense against the writings of al Farabi and Ibn Sina.Namun so, Ibn Tufail not accept in toto Sarangan but after a critical debate. Apart from that he was guided by the logic in exposing the reality of nature and human life.

Perhaps less of his drip, he did not retreat and isolate themselves as being done by some other philosophers. Instead, he engages in matters relating to the community and actively participate in government and nationhood. This activity is done until he breathed his last in 1185 AD.

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