Friday, December 16, 2011

Pilgrimage to Mecca From the bailout of Bank

Pilgrimage to Mecca From the bailout of Bank

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Your longing to the Kaaba 'makes a lot of people play the brain and look forbreakthroughs to make it happenAnd among the breakthroughs that are nowwidely offered by following is the social gathering program or use the bailout funds pilgrimage.

  For many, this program seemed like the next blow that treat heart longingAs a resultmany of them swept up and took it without thinking more deeply about the law and risks.

  Had they spent little time pondering the thought for this programnisacayathem to bewarethese programsthough at first feels softbut in the end feels heavy and troublesomeEven more so when the bailout program in terms oflegal syar'inya pilgrimage.

Hajj bailout that is now emerging is applied in various financial institutionsis one form of engineering violates the law of God AlmightyThe practice is nowbooming in this community a glimpse of a contract qardh (receivables) and ijara(leasing services)And no doubt that both this contract if done separately ishalal.

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