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It is the fifth pillar of the basic tenets of Islam and it has the privilege to assemble all the other pillars.
The sense of GMN
Go to God Almighty.The sense of the term Islamic CornerVisiting certain places at certain times to do certain jobs.
Necessary conditions of HajjIslamSanityCapableIndependentPuberty
Capable formsGood bodySafe travelNot detainedThere is a mahram or husband for a womanNot in the waiting period for womenValid conditions PilgrimageIslam
The time of Ihram (pilgrimage Miqat timely)Place (by place of pilgrimage Miqat) MumayyizSanityCan do the job by itself except when illnessNo intercourse
The means of PILGRIMIt consists of three ways:Ifrad:Which is intended Hajj only.Ifrad means pilgrim pilgrimage of Hajj only Ihram with the intention Talbiah then on he remained in a state of Ihram until he was standing at Arafat, he and his Ihram STONING from ihramnya.Statistics place the display on the right course of pilgrims Ifrad explain step by step.

Which means: Verily Temple first built for people (of worship to Allah) is the House that in Mecca, a blessed and (made) a guidance for mankind. In it are Signs manifest (which shows the felicity of which are) Tomb of Abraham, and anyone who enters it is safe and God requires his people to perform Hajj to the House is anyone who can come to him and those who reject (reject the obligation to perform Hajj), then surely Allah is Rich (independent of) the worlds.
Pronounced Ifrad:
Ihram is the intention and Talbiah.It is done from the Ihram or before to be more calm.
When the pilgrims want to pilgrimage he circumcised:Mencukurnya hair cut or as often before.Trimming nails and remove hair genitals.Baths and ablutions.Wear gloves and scarves garb of white, clean and Afdhal is a new one.Wearing perfume and set up the prayer of two cycles on a non-makruh time.Then the pilgrims Talbiah said:

He mentioned it three times and he ends with the invocation to the Prophet Muhammad Pilgrim Talbiah repeat every time he climbed the hill, down the valley, hill or ride down them and when to meet friends, acquaintances, and after the prayer.

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